Yesterday was my b-day and I got a....

  1. monogram pochette! Its a great small bag, but I want the extender to add to the strap. My So is going to get me the bolt key holder, but before he does I wanted to see if there is anything else I could use to extend the strap. Has anyone attached something other than the bolt key holder to their pochette?

  2. Congrats and happy birthday! : )
  3. Check out the visual aids thred, Bagsnbags has a bunch of photos with a gold bracelet hooked on as both the extender and as the chain for her lexington !

    Congrats and happy b-day !
  4. Congrats! You can also try searching around ebay for a Panda Cles to use as an extender :smile:
  5. Thanks everyone!! I was thinking of searching for a panda cles or even getting the Jack and Lucie keychain (especially since I have a halloween b-day)
  6. ooh beautifal!! i still have yet to purchase my first vuitton piece. itll prolly be used :sad:
  7. happy birthday! def get the jack and lucie for halloween--too cute!
  8. Happy Birthday And Congrats!:yahoo:
  9. happy b-day!
    Good choice on that pochette!! :yes:i'm eyeing it myself!....among other

  10. I'm the same way. I get a bag, but I still have others on my list. It never ends lol
  11. Pretty!! Congrats, and Happy Birthday early Jenn83! :biggrin:
  12. Congrats and Happy Birthday!!!:yahoo: A Jack and Lucie Keychain would be so cute since your are a Halloween baby!:heart:
  13. Congrats!!!
  14. congrats! super cute, Happy belated Birthday!
  15. Nice bag! I just received mine two days ago and I love it! Small enough for the essentials yet still classy. I'd love to see what you decide to use as an will give me some ideas. Happy birthday!