yesterday at saks, i saw a yellow wallet...

  1. that was TOO gorgeous for words. it wasn't a marigold, but a bit brighter...more like a true crayola yellow, but with a bit more warmth to it (without having gold).

    what color is this?

    is it seasonal, or something bv produces regularly?

    would a large flap clutch (not even sure what this is called) come in that color?


  2. The spring/summer 2006 collection had a yellow called Limone. From the catalog pictures it looks like a true yellow, not a pastel or a golden yellow. There were some accessories including wallets made in it; could that be it? I think it's a seasonal color, not made year after year. They do special orders at a premium price--you could always ask if any leather in that color remains.
  3. I can tell you I was just at the boutique and they opened every drawer and showed me every piece...not one thing in this color.
  4. so, what is that supposed to mean?

    does the flap clutch come in any certain colors every season?