Yesterday arrived: My new Echant Me

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  1. #1 Jul 3, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2009
    Yesterday a packet from London arrived. It was my new EM. I was so excited to open it and when I finally did it, I was overwhelmed. The leather is dark-chocolate glossy, the hardwear is a shiny gold and the lining is red.

    Here are some impressions for you

    with flash:

    in the daylight:




    Let me know, if you like it.
  2. GORGEOUS!!! The chocolate glossy looks so rich. Thanks for the modeling pics too. That always helps me gauge the bag size. Can't wait for my purple TPF version.
  3. Goldi - Your bag is absolutely gorgeous as SereneRun has said!! I am so glad to see the bag in something other than the pebbled (which I also love too!)
    I think that bag looks stunning - the second 'daylight" picture really speaks to me......I think I need one in a glossy leather.......

    Can you provide more description about how the bag feels when worn and what its like to carry it?
  4. The bag is very light (800g) and comfortable to wear.

    In the beginning the leather is still a little bit stiff, but this will change in time.
  5. Thanks for posting..Love to see the size..also when carried in the hands!
    Love to hear an update, when you have used the bag a while!!

    I was wondering about the weight..but you answered ;)
  6. You look great wearing it!! I have been undecided about the stitching - on your bag it looks fabulous and doesn't seem to stand out as much as on some other colors - it is beautiful!
  7. That bag looks fabulous in that leather!! It looks really rich. Wonderful choice!
  8. gorgeous! I love it with the red lining. Looks fabulous on you !
  9. Congrats! This is the first time I've seen it in a leather other than pebbled luxe and it looks gorgeous! Love the dark glossy chocolate ... so pretty. And thank you for the modeling pics ... they are so helpful when making decisions!
  10. It looks great! I love it in that color! It looks fabulous on you too!
  11. wow its fantastic - my fav Enchant me on here so far! Wonderful choice the choc leather is very lush!
  12. Amazing colour and leather :love::love::love:
  13. Oh
    I had a feeling this bag was made for chocolate leather. Oh, goldi, you are going to love the pure hell out of that pocketbook, and it's going to love you back! I want one too! Anytime you feel like taking more pix of it just for fun, please post them!
  14. :faint:
  15. GORGEOUS!!!! What a lovely choice of leather and lining!!!

    Enjoy your new bag!!!