yessss, just back from a boutique and i made some decisions!

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  1. i found out the boutique close to my school had some amarante and i couldn't wait, had to see it. they won't release it till tomorrow though. it's G O R G E O U S i cannot WAIT to get mine! the sunset blvd. is like the perfect pochette type-size, not too small. i saw the summit drive, it looked really big to me. too big for me but i'm sure a nice size for a lot of you. and those of you waiting for an amarante reade pm...i literally swooned when i saw it. it's soooo pretty and shiney!!!! i want one!!!!

    so i went to check out some other future purchases i've been having trouble deciding. i do decided i don't like the epi bowling. pm is even too big for me. the duomo in damier is very similar and i like that one better but i am waiting for the berkley before i buy the duomo. so i figured if i get anything in epi it will be a lockit. i saw a pic and they looked AWESOME :yahoo: released in july.

    so here's what i decided:
    amarante sunset blvd.
    ebene or dune mini lin bucket
    damier duomo or berkley
    azur hampstead (COMING IN JANUARY!!!)
    epi lockit -- dunno what color yet!
    and i really want an amarante reade pm but that's a long shot :sad:

    black MC snap and billfold
    amarante cles
    damier azur koala
    damier change purse
    koala bracelet -- dunno which leather or color yet :smile:

    :sweatdrop: i guess that's my list for the next 6-7 months! i'm going to have the sunset blvd, MC billfold, and maybe a lockit or the mini lin bucket by the end of the summer. jeeeezze, i have my work cut out for me.:wtf: this may change if suhali speedies end up being TDF!
  2. Lucky you!
    Did you see the roxbury inamarante? how is it with the vachetta ?
    i'm debating on this, tHANKS!
  3. Good list! I have decided to NOT make any lists as my mind changes too often! Congrats to you!
  4. definitely the Berkeley over the Duomo :yes:
  5. I Love your wishlist!
    I can't wait to check out the Amarante for myself:yes:
  6. Good list! I guess you didn't like the Mini Lin Speedy more than the bucket?
  7. wow, what a list!
  8. OMG, Azur Hampstead? :nuts: Here I am deciding between Saleya PM and Speedy 30 in Azur......I might just wait for the Hampstead.
  9. i cant wait to see the lockit in epi. it the shape of the epi lockit more like the suhali line (vertical) or the mono line (horizontal)?

    LABAG - go to (not sure abt US website) but if you go to the uk site u can see the roxbury in amarante. it looks awesome. i really like it myself.
  10. That's what I'm wondering if the epi lockit is going to be more like the suhali shape, I think I would love that....
  11. Ghost, I agree! Everytime I try to adhere to one something new comes out, a release date changes, or something else comes up. I just roll with it now, I know what I am obsessed with and those are usually LE items so I force myself to stay on top of it. Congrats Vuittonamour, it sounds like you had a very successful trip today and the items on your list are well chosen. Be sure to post pics as you bring them home!
  12. Oooohhhhh....Amarante Reade!! I wanna see these IRL :smile:
  13. Good list-can't wait to see your new purchase tomorrow:graucho:
  14. Thanks for sharing! Hope you buy a ton of loot tomorrow!
  15. I'm going to get the sunset amarante tomorrow morning too and I want so see the Azur Sporty in the Lookbook. That's great news about the Hampsted.