Yes, yes, yes!!! I am soooooo excited!!!

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  1. The small blue marker mark on my ink is now GONE!!!! The bag is now perfect!!! I tend to focus on things like that and even though you can not really see it I could because I knew it was there.

    Sooo I took a risk and put a small amount of goldwell finishing spray on a q-tip and gently rubbed the spot. All the BLUE marker came off and none of the bag's color.

    It is now PERFECT!!! I am sooooo :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: and I now love the bag even more :heart: :heart: :heart: !!!
  2. yay!

    you were very brave by trying that
  3. YAH MEEMIE... what WAS that marker OF than?.. but so glad you got it off :biggrin: now your in love even more!! *YAY*...
  4. Hooray! Great news!
  5. Couldn't of been a sharpie maybe just a kids marker that wasn't as strong.
  6. GOOD GOOD!!!..

    hehehe.. so glad it's PERFECT now :biggrin:
  7. Good work, Meemie! You were rewarded for your bravery with a now-perfect bag. I love stories like that...
  8. Yeah! Wasn't that the one that you listed on Ebay and changed your mind? I am glad it worked out for you!
  9. oh - yay! Congrats on the good news!

    Curious.. what's goldwell finishing spray? Hairspray?

    Is hairspray known to remove ink marks? Wondering cuz I got items from a seller that had ink marks (UNDISCLOSED!! grr...) and I don't know if I should try removing it or not.. I'm worried about making it worse..
  10. Allisonfaye, this was the ink I had on ebay and changed my mind. I spent most of my time worring that someone would BIN instead of being excited that it had sold. I knew I needed to keep it....well at least for a while anyway. I am glad I did because when I take her outside and she turns purple in the light it makes me smile.

    jadecee, It is a type of hair spray but I am not sure I would try it with pen marks. The marker seemed to be sitting on top of the leather instead of soaked in. I put a bit on a q-tip squeezed most of it out and then very, very lightly rubbed the mark. It came off with a few swipes and the top of the q-tip was all blue. If you think you may have to rub even slightly hard to get the mark off I wouldn't try it as I would be afraid the bags color would come off.
  11. congrats :wlae:
  12. Your brave!!! I'm really happy that you can now fully enjoy this amazing bag!!!
  13. Thanks Meemie!
  14. COngrats!!!! meemie u are so lucky!! i don't suppose all of us could get the stain off bbags sounds so great, "the perfect ink" :smile:
  15. Congrats - yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!