Yes! Yes! I need help.

  1. My favorite Aunt is in town ( I have only known her 2 yrs:yes: )
    I was telling her I am saving money for a 35cm Blue Jean Birkin Bag.

    She knows just a little about Hermes, has never seen a bag before.
    Well, she has offered to (kind of) give me the rest of the money for the bag or purchase it for me.

    Can someone post photos (as many as you have) for me to show her
    of a Blue Jean Birkin.
    I found one on another thread but it was only the front view.
    I want to give her an idea of the great quality.

    Yes! Yes! This might be it, I may be on my way to the Hermes store!:yahoo:

    I think my heart just stopped:crybaby:
  2. WOW! Your aunt is so sweet and generous!
    I'd just go to ebay and look under CDL or MCC's auctions. They always have authentic bag and many great pics of them Always a BJ Birkin, too.
  3. [​IMG]

    From Luxwear
  4. ^ There we go! yay, Japster!
  5. Thans Greentea and Japster you are the best. I will let you know how it works out.
  6. ohh - how exciting!!! good luck - post pics!!
  7. That was so nice Japster for the pics. Lookinggood...I say GOOD FOR YOU!!!! You have to be soooo happy! Keep us posted for sure.
  8. My Aunt has placed the order for my gift
    So hard to be happy while I wait.
  9. Oh I am so happy for you. What a wonderful aunt you have. I hope someday to be an aunt as kind as yours to my only niece.
  10. What a wonderful aunt.
  11. Thanks all, have to tell you the story one day.
    I have only known my Aunt 3 years and I am 37.

    Weird -- I look a lot like her.
  12. Here's a clearer pic of a Elle with BJ birkin.
    CAE9SV8F.jpg CAUD258T.jpg
  13. Wow I need an aunt like yours!! Maybe I should start dropping hints to mine :smile:
  14. that is really sweet of ur aunt. i have an aunt kinda like that. she's not really my aunt "yet" (paz...u know who i'm talking about!), but throughout the years she's been extremely generous to my family. she's given my mom tons of chanel stuff and about 5 yrs ago gave her a birkin (which i plan on stealing from my mom! :graucho: ). whenever we go out to eat, she always puts up a good fight with my DH on who pays the bill. in the end, she always wins bc she threatens the restaurant owner she'll never come back if they accept my hubby's pymt instead of hers. anyhow, i hope to one day be that generous to my family and good friends. it's a good feeling...