YES! U.S. Is Denied Google Queries!

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  1. well, thank goodness! I heard about that case a little while back and thought it was incredibly invasive!
  2. Well, at least Google didn't fold like a cheap tent.. like Yahoo and company.
  3. Google already folded the cheap tent by agreeing to censor search results from chinese surfers according to the terms the chinese government demanded. I will try to pull a link in a little.
  4. Ughh... i just won't say much... but yea...
  5. Oh yeah ! I remember that. But at least Google tried to fight this one.

    Oh do you think Google is going against their "don't be evil" motto ? Desktop search is pretty.. sketchy.
  6. Google is developing an online storage solution and also a whole online business suite like Microsoft Office... it is sketchy if you consider how much information they want or will have control over. Scary, indeed.
  7. Have you heard about the Google project where there are shipping containers full of data - e.g. the internet in a box ? I found that highly amusing, yet mildly creepy.

    And.. I'm done with my nerdy expressions.