Yes to the bleeker duffle, but now which color?


Which color?

  1. Grass Green

  2. Rose

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. grass green or rose???? They're both so beautiful!
    coachgrass.jpg coachrose.jpg
  2. They are both beautiful in person and both could be worn now into Spring/ Summer. Tough call. I would choose whichever one matches your wardrobe better. Post pics when you decide!:yes:
  3. Not a fan of this Rose color so I voted green
  4. I vote for the grass green! Both colors are beautiful though.
  5. I love the green
  6. I dont care for the green so I voted rose!
  7. Green not feeling the rose.
  8. it's a hard choice because I think both are beautiful.. pick one that easily goes with your wardrobe.. personally I love green!!
  9. Personally I love the rose, but I have never been a fan of green. I think it totally depends upon your wardrobe.
  10. Love them both... but I vote for green!!
  11. They are both nice but I vote for the green! Pick the one which goes best with your
    wardrobe! Good luck deciding!
  12. I :heart: the green! :tup:
  13. I saw the green on Saturday, it's gorgeous!
  14. ditto!

    (of course, I'm the idiot with a green siggy bag AND a green north face jacket...hehehe...I love my green, just have to stop buying so many green bags!)
  15. Rose! But I agree ... pick the one that goes best with your wardrobe!