Yes, the Heimlich manuever works on dogs

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  1. Tonight I fed my doxies, and Casey, who tends to eat way to fast, began to choke. At first, it seemed like he was just coughing, but then he was making no noise but clearly was not able to breathe. :wtf:
    So, I put my hands under his belly below the rib cage, just like you do with people, and squeezed in a quick upward motion, and out flew a piece of dry food that had gotten lodged in his gullet.

    Just in case you need to know. :push:
  2. Wow Irishgal, thanks for sharing!!! I never would have thought of that and I am glad it worked for you!
  3. Oh my gosh! Are you serious! Good to know, I am glad your dog is safe.
  4. You rock!!
  5. I've had to heimlich lucy a few times too. It was so scary. We now feed her the smallest kibble possible.
  6. Glad to hear that your baby is safe!! Thanks for the info!!

    Did you pick him up or just do it while he was on the ground? TIA!
  7. it is SO good to hear that you knew how to help your pup!
    I've used the Heimlich method on my dogs a couple of times before too.
  8. couturegirl, leave the dog standing on the ground, then find the area below the ribs and using both hands sort of locked together, one swift motion upward should work.
  9. ^thanks!! Hopefully I will never have to do that but if I should your advice will help tremedously!! :smile:
  10. Wow that's good that you did that and save your baby!! I will keep that in mind.

    My dog once swallowed a meatball given by my stupid brother and it got lodged in her throat. She was clearly struggling to breathe and we were panicking. We tried to get it out but my bro ended up pushing it down! :wtf: Thank goodness it went through the rest of her just fine! That was such a close call!
  11. OMG!! WOW!!

    That is sooo cool that you were able to remain calm and give your little guy the heimlich!!! :nuts:
  12. My boyfriend had to do that to our pug Luna once. She eats her food way too fast as well, and choked. It was very scary.

    Glad Casey is okay because of your quick thinking and action. :smile: