Yes sireee This tPF gal wears her CL'S!!

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  1. My new Avatar, LOL!! Seeing the shoes from the bottom up!

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  2. OP does not have to post in either of these threads..this one is just fine. :yes:
  3. Thanks Lulabee, much appreciated!
  4. GREAT shot susieserb!!!! Thanks for posting!! :smile:
  5. BTW, your Chanel is dreamy! :love:
  6. :kiss:^
  7. I love it! I also love that chanel :smile:!
  8. Gorgeous! I love those multiglitters! I just got a pair with gold myself, and I can't wait to wear them!
  9. Now the sir is asking if you can boogie ! ;)
  10. susie, love the glitters! They are
    so beautiful on you, and I, too, am loving
    you Chanel handbag!!!
  11. That's Taylor's bag from the Rachel Zoe project. If you guys want it there are two left at the boutiques. I got mine from the Bay. It's an old style i.e. Fall of 08. I really love it myself.
  12. lol, susie - I love how your CLs are never far from your Chanels and puppy!
  13. Love your Glitters!!