1. I noticed your signature no longer says

    ^^^needs a grey mayfair.........

    and now it says that you have something special coming to you.......

  2. Was wondering the same thing infact...hmmm!
  3. A little birdy told me that the Grey Mayfair found its way to yes.please yesterday...:whistle: :graucho:
  4. OK OK OK- i guess i have to let the cat out of the bag, i was trying to keep it to myself until it came.... but ::drum roll please:: YES!!!!!! I BOUGHT A GREY MAYFAIR YESTERDAY at a killer price too! melly found one at the mall of america and the next thing i knew her, tuffcookie and tadpolenyc were all trying to get in touch with me to let me know. thanks for caring so much ladies!

    i can't believe i will finally own my holy grail bag! the sa said that his customer bought the bag and then left on a three month trip to india so she never used the bag- when she came home, her husband didn't like the bag so she decided to return it. he said it was in pristine condition with tags and dustbags, etc.

    thanks again guys!:heart:

    i can't wait!!!:yahoo::wlae::dothewave::party:

    but lovekoobabags, i will always have my eyes open for another one for you- please don't hate me tooo much :smile:
  5. Yay! Congratulation on finally snagging your HG! Can't wait for pics! :flowers:
  6. congrats, yes.please! we'll be waiting for pics!
  7. That is so exciting!! Congratulations!!!
  8. :hugs: im so happy you got your HG bag jess; its such a good feeling to finally find what youve been looking for! :hugs:

  9. :yahoo: So happy for you! It was fate!
  10. thanks again everyone... i will keep you updated when she arrives!!
  11. What a great story!!! :yahoo:
    The girls in this forum are the best ever! :love:
  12. So happy for you! It's such a great bag!
  13. this is so great. will this be your favorite mj bag now, jess? and perfect timing too, right? just as you returned the ines, you got exactly what you were looking for! they grey in the mix quilted line is beautiful. just gorgeous and it'll go with everything. i can't wait to see those pics!
  14. This is great news!!! :yahoo::nuts::wlae::tup: So happy for you!!! There is definitely hope in finding our HG bags!!! Can't wait to see pictures.
  15. That is great news! I love how the girls in this forum look out for each other! :tup: :yahoo: