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  1. I like this Marc by Marc Jacbos bag should i get it yes or no? If so which color? Blue or Gray.
  2. I personally don't like it, but it's what you like that counts. After all, you'll be the one wearing it! xx
  3. I think it's cute but it depends on your style. I like the lighter coilored version.
  4. hm..I don't really like it either..sorry. I don't know how much they are if it's a really great great price I would go for the lighter as well but don't know if I would ever carry it except for like a diaper bag or girls night out bag...Usually I can only afford a few so I have to go for something more "big" to spend his kind of money. maggie

    I'm really sorry for my opinion.
  5. well, i love miss marc, and kicked myself at least a dozen times for not buying this style last spring. the *only* reason i'm not buying it this spring is that, in person, i find this particular bag shape really hard to carry off. the handles are so short that it can only be handheld, but the bag is so long (ie, rectangular), that i think it would all but drag on the ground. okay, not that bad, but it's definitely too long to be a handheld IMO.

    but, if you're tall enough to carry it, and don't mind the shape, i adore it. as for color, the cream (in person, it's def. cream, not gray) is fabulous, but would be dirty really soon, i think - so i'd probably go with navy.

    HTH :smile:
  6. I think the bag is very cute, just not my style. I prefer the lighter color, but I also worry about it getting dirty. Let us know what you decide. Good Luck!!
  7. I agree with shoppingsmycard. Like she said, the handles are waaaaay too short for the shape of this bag. I love miss marc, but I wish it was a tote, or shoulder bag. The color's great though!
  8. I don't like it, but if you do that's what matters.
  9. I don't care for it. But it's what you think that matters!
  10. I like it.
  11. I think the Miss Marc bags are funky fun! :nuts: I love my Miss Marc bag and I hope to get this one too. I think either color is cute. I'm going for the blue next time.
  12. I like the Miss Marc bags. But I could never pull it off. I think either color would be cute, but of those two, I'd choose the lighter one.