YES? or No???

  1. Should I fill out the app, and try to adopt her this weekend?:love:

  2. Hail yes!!! What a cutie
  3. She is precious!
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    I am so in Love with her. Her eyes remind me of my Zoey, that I lost in March. This lil gal won my heart. I hope she is still there this weekend.
  5. Of course, YES! (Did you really think anyone here would say no!:p)
  6. Yes of course!
  7. :giggles: I just need a lil push to get her.;)
  8. OMG YES!!! She is soooooooo freakin cute! Plzzzzz adopt her!
  9. YES!!!!! She is adorable and looks like she really needs a good home and lot of love. GO GET HER!
  10. I would not be able to wait until the weekend!! Go get her now!!! :smile:
  11. I agree with the other posters-yes!!!!!!!!! She's a beautiful kitty! Is she with a rescue or at an animal control/shelter?
  12. yes! so cute
  13. She is at a Petsmart. a rescue called Lost our home. You have to fill out an app, and then get an OK before you can take her home.
  14. Yes! Sending lots of good 'hope you get her' thoughts to you....
  15. How cute! A crazy tortie. I have one.. she's so smart and has so much 'tude.