Yes or No?

  1. Do you guys think you can get away with wearing a Leopard tote/handbags in the spring and summer? Also if the handbag is Leopard haircalf? Or do you thinks it's only for fall/winter?
  2. I think it can look OK with some summer outfits - denim and white look good. Not sure on the calf hair, would depend on the style. I wear some ballet pumps in leopard calf hair all the time in summer.

  3. Thanks it's actually this Handbag!
  4. I think with spring/summer outfits (think white), sure!
  5. sure, why not?
  6. I think you can wear whatever, whenever. So rock that cute bag in the summer!
  7. Absolutely - go for it!!!!
  8. I am just worried that the animal trend (which has been ongoing for soooooo loooooooong now) is on its way out. I don't think it's a season issue, more of an issue of "if you wear this will the stylishness of it already be over?". I have no answers--I put off buying leopard shoes in winter 06/07 because I thought the trend was on its way out THEN!!
  9. I tend to think of that as a neutral. I don't know if that's the stacy and clinton in me or not.
  10. Leopard handbags is much better to use for spring and winter.
  11. That bag is great for summer -it goes well with black, white and light brown colours. Blsck mules would also look good with the bag.
    Regina :tup:
  12. I like the leopard better than the one on eBay. The one on eBay is too plain. Leopard sometimes maybe is not the hottest trend, but I don't think it will out of style totally. You might just don't see everyone carry it.

    I think the one on Bloomingdale rocks!
  13. Thanks thats what i was thinking the Leopard is so funky and trendy and the other is plain and boring.. :tup: