Yes or no?

  1. Just wanted to get some opinions on this bag. Yes, no?

  2. I think it's so-so. I fear that with a lot of things put into it, it will be heavy and the handle with the knots will "slip through" or break.
  3. The color is beautiful.
  4. I love the color and I'm attracted to the shape, but it's different for me.
  5. I don't like it, although the color is amazing
  6. love!
  7. for me it's a no :sad:
  8. first instinct was that i liked it.
  9. I like the color, but not the style.
  10. Well it's a bit too big for my taste, but, I love the color and the details. If I was into big bags I could totally see being into this one.
  11. Hmmmmm ? No
  12. invest in something you will love throughout the years. This bag is kinda plain and ho-hum?
  13. I'd say no. The make looks a little bit shaky. Although I agree with the others that the colour is fabulous!
  14. I agree with all of ya'll. The color and price were right, but the style is not me.
    Thanks, everyone.
  15. Ashley Watson!!! I have one of her bags and I love it. I was contemplating this one as well, but bought a smaller one instead! Recycled leather handbags! SUPER lightweight