Yes or No?

  1. [​IMG]

    Christian Louboutin's for $235.
  2. It's cute, but for me, I'd rather get a plain gold.
  3. I personally dont like the pattern on them.
  4. Since they're not distinctly CL, and don't even look super comfy, I'd say no.
  5. If they are comfy go for it! I actually like the pattern. I think its subtle enough to just add the right amount of pop without being too distracting...
  6. I'd say no because it would be fairly easy to find other similar shoes that are of equal or better quality @ that price. Basically, I wouldn't spend $235 on those flats just because they are CLs
  7. Honestly it's a nay from me. CL flats (at least that particular style) are not too comfortable and even if it's on-sale for $235 I think it's still better to save the money towards something else (another style) that you'll LOVE more.
  8. I don't like the pattern/style that much.
  9. sorry but it's a no for me too. i like some of the graffiti shoes and i think there are better colour combos like the black with yellow.
  10. Cute, but CL flats are not comfortable. Ever. Unfortunately :s
  11. Really? I had thought about these after seeing them on BG. They probably wouldn't be very comfortable?


    ETA - To the OP, I vote for no on the flats. They're all right, but I'm not a fan of the print.
  12. Thanks ladies I wasn't too sold on them either, I think it was the fact that they were CLs....that I wanted a pair of my own,lol.
  13. Cristina, that style is a little different from the usual ballet flat..but I'm guessing it won't be very comfortable either.
  14. Don't really like that pattern, but I love the all gold ones. I tried a pair in nude patent and thought they were quite uncomfy so I have to pass on the gold ones (which I've wanted for a while).