Yes or no?

  1. [​IMG]


    Isabella Fiore

    Marc Jacobs

    Another Marc Jacobs


    I've been in a huge bag rut so far this year. I haven't purchased anything new, and feel the itch to buy something, but don't love anything. The only bag I've purchased this year is a vintage LV speedy off of eBay. I'm trying to get inspired :sad: .
  2. I like all but the Ferragamo. There really is not too much to get excited about this season, is there?
  3. Hmmm, I've had the same problem--just buying things and then taking them back b/c I haven't quite been in love. I ended up getting bags that I've wanted for awhile but never got, i.e. Mombasa and the Cerise Sac Plat.

    I say pass on all these bags. Wait for the one that you can't live without. In the meantim, either save your money or find a new passion, i.e. jewelry?
  4. I like the Celine and the MJ green bowler. I have the bowler in lobster (red).
  5. Too late....already purchased some jewelry last week....another David Yurman bracelet. Maybe it's time for shoes? ;) ;)
  6. Funny..I think the same way. I used to buy lots of clothes (tons of jeans) and then a year ago, I wasn't liking anything so started getting really into skincare. Now it is handbags. I think next is jewelry.

    Of those bags, I like the Celine (Clandestine?) the most. Not an MJ fan. If you don't love anything, I would pass.
  7. I like the Isabella but there is another Fiore Bag that is very similar but has a smoother look that I like better. The studded Tote (I bought it myself). The Second Marc Jacobs is nice too. If you can't choose and your not sure. Pass on all and sleep on it a couple of weeks. I do this, and when I look back at them, I see them more clearly. It's something that helps my impulsive nature.
  8. I love them all! Well, except the Ferragamo. I love it, but only so much compared to the others. You guys have really got me starting to like Celines!
  9. Love that Celine!
  10. I really like the second Marc Jacobs bag, the rust colored one! It's a beauty!
  11. They are all really lovely in their own way. Great taste SuLi!
    I like the green ursula MJ one, because the color is so rich and yummy! The Celine looks more practical though.
  12. I really like the first/top 3!
  13. Like the Celine and the MJ bowler.

    But don't force yourself to love a bag, cause you'll only end up returning it. I'm sure another bag will turn up that you'll love.
  14. Yes on the last 2
  15. omg the green MJ is soooooooooo damn sexy!! i love the colour