YES or NO to this Louis Vuitton monogram scarf bag?

  1. $5,000!!!! For this ..
    For me this bag is a NO.
    I think it looks like some kind of monster :biggrin: :weird:
    Well, it would look Okay in a lighter color like pink or beige..

    I would like to know if any of you would spend 5,000 dollars on a bag like this??
  2. Pics pls :biggrin: I know what the line looks like, but not the particular bag you're referring to. I have mixed feelings about the line itself.
  3. Oh I totally forgot to put the picture :biggrin:
    Here it is
  4. Nay for me, too small!!!
  5. Not for 5 Gs, I agree!
  6. ummm negative ghost writer. That's not even worth $600.
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  8. For me, this is definitely one of those, wait till it shows up on eBay at a discount bags.
  9. NO! Definitely not for the price.
  10. I must say it looks much better in black than it does in pink. The answer is NO!!! $5000.00:wacko:
  11. If I have $5000, I will go for Birkin!
  12. Absolutely no for this bag. So not worth 5k
  13. no for me, gaudy
  14. I really don't like to post yay or nay to a bag becasue I find that LV bags do not photgraph as well as they look IRL, however this bag I feel confident saying H E double hockey stick NO!!!:wacko: It's the graphic plastic front that recks this bag, image if everything else was the same except the plastic trashy front was yellow, pink or black croc...then we'd be talking!!!
  15. :blink: :blink: Ummmmm...not for me, not that kind of $$$ for that bag.