Yes or no to Chanel denim?

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  1. I’ve always had a thing for denim bags (but never owned one). I did regret passing on the denim Deauville a few years back (but have since learned the Deauville isn’t for me).

    So I was excited to see that this season’s offerings include the mini Coco Handle in denim! My SA is holding it for me so I’ll get to see it in person soon. But she also sent me a pic of a caviar mini Coco in blue-grey. I also love and cover this colour!

    I think I love the denim more but worried about wear and tear whereas caviar CH would be carefree. Both styles would work in a similar way for me (mostly worn casual with jeans).

    Which would you choose? TIA!


  2. I love the denim Coco Handle and I am going to buy one today.
    I don’t think you will have to worry much about wear and tear and I believe denim will be in
    style for seasons to come. Good luck with your decision!
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  3. Pls post pics when you get yours!

    I really like the denim CH but my store only had it in the small (middle) size and I wanted the mini. They did order it in so I could have waited but I fell in love with the mini Coco in blue caviar and ended up getting that instead.

    Here it is - my first mini Coco and I love it very much!

  4. Great choice! I like this so much better than the denim.
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  5. I don’t like handbags in denim. They look cheap.
  6. Thanks! That’s what my SA said too!
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  7. I thought the denim version was quite well-made but I was still worried about possible loss of structure. The flap part in particular seemed much softer and the base not that well-supported (esp since the inside was also fabric lined).
  8. Not a fan of denim but love love the second pic!!
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  9. Much prefer the one you chose. Enjoy Xx
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  10. I see what you mean. It's also a question of taste, obviously. Some people like denim bags. I don't. Handbags are a way to polish/elevate an outfit and I don't think that denim does that. I'm glad you picked the leather version: classic and elegant!
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  11. Congrats on getting the coco handle . It’s a lovely blue color .May I ask where you got it and if this is an aged or light hw ?
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  12. Congrats! Love the caviar mini ch you chose.
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  13. I love the denim bags. Specifically the small quilted boy that came out years ago. It’s so beautiful. Wish I could get my hands on it.
  14. I have a thing for denim bags too, but for luxury bags I don't think the denim material makes the price justified. I understand the lining may be leather, but the majority of the bag is denim. Still a beautiful bag and give it a completely different look. If you have the budget for it, I'd say go for it.
  15. I love the blue caviar! So pretty! I don't care for denim bags myself, I hardly ever even wear blue jeans. I am just not a denim girl I guess. :smile:
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