Yes or No on this flap???

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  1. I just got the Red caviar jumbo, so don't really need this! :P I think I like the color, but does it look too orangey? I have it on hold and need to decide by tomorrow! It is the Large Red Lambskin flap. Help!!

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  2. This bag looks like a very pretty pinkish coral, is this really red? But if you need to choose only one, I'd go with the red caviar you already have.
  3. Is this the same red lambskin that is coming out in the maxi? If so, it looks even more orange in person IMO.
  4. Yes, it is the same red that the maxi is coming in.

  5. Then I would say it's different enough to justify both if you really love the color (it is very orangey in direct light). I took my 07 red jumbo caviar to trunk show to compare the difference and it was very different than this and the fuschia.
  6. Did you get one? Which??
  7. i would say keep it too since the so-called RED is so different n this is the Large size, not the same as ur Jumbo size.
  8. I'm waiting on the maxi in fuschia caviar. The red lamb was way to orange for my taste.
  9. I am afraid it will be too orange for me. My sa is to send me another photo later today. This one looks so pretty!
  10. Wow! That is orange!
  11. i saw it IRL and found it too orange for me personally....
  12. I agree. This pic doesn't capture the real life color IMO. Can you return it if you don't like it?
  13. What is the official color of this? I personally like this color more than the 09 red.. but I'm kinda confused on what it is. Is it the fuschia? Maxi?
  14. Nope for this as i prefer the red caviar jumbo.