yes or no on my new carly?

  1. i'm having mixed feelings on it. i LOVE the blue color, but really not liking the HUGE signature (and the reason i got this sig was so i could have the blue- i needed some color). the leather is squeaks (which i'm assuming would go away).

    not THRILLED with it...but for $400, should i just keep it and see if it grows on me? thoughts or opinions?


  2. i love it and i cannot wait to see it tomorrow!!!
  3. I think the bag is cute I love the blue on you , however I think its too big. I have the medium size in saddle and it fits great.
  4. the point of getting the large was so my school stuff could fit in there...
  5. I think it's really cute...esp. with the blue trim. If you are not crazy about it though from the get go(hey that rhymes!), maybe you should think about it for 48 hours before you do anything. If you are still not into then, I would consider returning it. Good luck :smile:
  6. wow! it is really big! patriceeboston is right about the medium size...

    but, I love the blue!!!
  7. Gotcha, well if your using it for that then its perfect
  8. Oh I love it.. It looks great on you!!
  9. that i'm all excited for you about your mia!!!
    you know...your picture is so cute.....i'm just not sure i'm loving the larger size carly.....just being honest...i know others only love the large size
    i honestly liked the carly when we first saw pics of it before it came out
    but's just not one of my favs

    quick question.kallison.........did you get the gold madison evening like bag w/legacy stripe at the outlet recently??? i thought somewhere you posted pics of a gold bag/accessories...i'm considering it.and wondered...disregard if not
  10. Okay, really... honestly - I don't like it as a school bag... it looks very purse-y, and I agree that the medium size might look at bit better... But then, it defeats the purpose...

    I'm sorry!! I keep telling you to take back everything!! :sad: JMO, but I think there might be more functional things out there for school bags, that will look better doing what they were made to do.

    :shrugs: Good luck!! I'm biased though... I want a Bbag Besace for grad school... so I'm not much help.
  11. i didn't like the carly when it came out...tried it on in the store and loved it. so i'm not sure what the problem is. maybe i'll just keep my current school bag and get the smaller carly.

    and, yeah, i got the gold maidson. definately get it if you can! it's totally adorable!
  12. I think it looks BIG on you and I dont' llike the LARGE C's on the Carly either--I love the Blue though. $400 is alot of money if you have to have it "Grow" on you!
  13. originally the point was to eliminate me carrying about a school bag and a purse. so i wanted something "pursey". and it just so happens that, this semester, i dont carry around a lot of books.
  14. wow the blue is really nice. i'll think to return and get something else that u 100% happy with :graucho:
  15. $400 is too much $ for you not to love it, IMO. Maybe because I'm broke right now, but if you don't love it, I'd put the $400 towards something you do love.