yes or no? help me out!!!

  1. Hi guys and gals ,do you think this bag is worth the money? :confused1:
    Has anyone had any problems when stitching frays like on this one?If so,is the bag just not worth bothering with?
    I'm thinking of selling my mono speedy 25 :sweatdrop: to fund a mono ellipse pm but really unsure.:shrugs:
    I like the neatness of the pm for everyday as I don't really carry a lot and I also have a mussette for "bigger bag" days.Heres the link :
  2. OOh the Speedy is such a classic bag, do you really want to part with a timeless piece? IMO, skip the Ellipse (though it looks great and great price), keep your Speedy and save up for your Manhattan.
  3. Hmm... it's a tough decision, but if you're not really in love with the Ellipse, I agree ^ that you might consider skipping it and save up for your wishlist bag, the Manhattan, which is also super organized!
  4. i personally don't really like the ellipse, i think the speedy is a timeless classic. imo, keep the speedy :o)
  5. Oh I know what you mean about the speedy but the 25 opening is sometimes a little awkward.I love how the ellipse pm opens quite wide.I feel a speedy 30 would be just too big for me.If only the opening on my speedy was just a little bigger/wider:crybaby:
    I'm a little worried about the stitching on that bag though?
    Any thoughts on it?
    I think it'll be a long time before I get a manhatten and I've also heard they are quite heavy to carry which is a little off putting.
    Thanks in advance ;)
  6. I personally strongly dislike the ellipse... I'd hands down stick with the speedy :yes:
  7. I like the shape and uniqueness of the Ellipse. Nontheless, I say keep the Speedy!
  8. i don't like it either...keep your speedy
  9. I love the Ellipse in the P.M. size, a friend of mine has it and it's so neat and tidy.

    You could have the stitching fixed at L.V. for a small price, but you could use it for awhile first to see if it progresses.

    I have the Manhattan P.M. and it is very organized, and a great bag, but yes, It can get heavy when it is loaded up.

    I would get the ellipse personally, and it is a good price, and if Speedy access dosen't work for you, then it dosen't work.

    Everyone has diff. needs and preferences in a bag I.M.O.

    :tup: :yahoo: :woohoo: :wlae:
  10. Thanks for all your comments:tup: I have bitten the bullet so to speak and bought the ellipse pm:sweatdrop:.It should come in a couple of days so I can try the speedy and the ellipse together to see which feels best:yahoo:
    One of them will be going back on eBay,don't know which yet :shrugs:
    Thanks again :smile:
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  12. Congrats! Can't wait to see your model pix, I love the elegant shape of Ellipse PM :love:
  13. I don't like the ellipse. :shame:
  14. speedy!!!
  15. Well guys and gals the speedy is on eBay now:sad:
    I received the new to me ellipse and adore it.Its so much neater and easier to get into than the speedy 25:tup:The stitching on the bag looked far worse in the pics and I've managed to re thread and secure it myself and you can't even tell :wlae:
    Rebeccalou28 is a fantastic seller to deal with on eBay :tup: