Yes, "Older" ladies DO carry RM!

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  1. I am about to identify myself as someone with years accumulated around the half century mark. I suspect there are many of us who don't fess up to having had a love affair with purses for as many years as twice the age of some of the ladies on the forum. But believe it, Rebecca Minkoff bags have an appeal that any age group can appreciate. I won't go into their virtues as we can look at more threads than we can count to see them. Just know that a lady can be fifty and still be very fashionable. So don't be so surprised when you see that "older" lady with that gorgeous Rebecca Minkoff on her arm! :tup:
  2. My mom has an MAM! She's 47 (young mom, I know) and she's has the rosegold MAM and she LOVES IT. The RM appeal goes across many generations.
  3. Ok, so I will be turning 50 in July- probably one of the oldest here. I love my RM Morning After Mini's. They are perfectly structured and classic for any age! I really don't know if I could pull off a style like Nikki though...:s
  4. I think the MAM/MAB is perfect for any age! It kind of reminds me of the speedy in terms of ageless style. Thats what I love about my RM bags, I'll use them for a long time coming =)
  5. A great handbag has no age limit nor requirement!!
  6. I'm 35 and absolutely love my MAB's!! I can fit all of my essentials, plus a couple of diapers and wipes for my kids. They truly are the perfect bag.:heart:
  7. :graucho:guilty! and I dont consider myself older
  8. RM is for everyone. 50 is the new 40!
  9. So strange ... reading about the 'half century mark' and somebody who is going to be 50 and thinking...

    WAIT! I'm 48! Wow!

    So - you're only as old as you think you are, and I never think about my physical age. Ever. EVER. So that's why I can read this thread and think ... whe.... OH, yeah, MY generation.

    Think it will ever catch up with me? :lol:

    Edit: Interesting to see how many of the 'youngsters' will have to reassure us that it's OK...:roflmfao:
  10. 52 and proud of it! I love my nikki's and matinee's. I almost didn't get the mam cause I thought it was too old ladyish, lol! Now I 've got 2 of them as well.
  11. Some of you convinced me in another thread that I'm not too old for an RM bag. I now have a Blue Stonewash Nikki on the way. This will be my first RM. I hope I like it and I hope it's not too big for me.

    I agree with indiaink that physical age is not everything. I still feel much younger than 41 and a lot of people think I'm in my early 30's. I'm not sure how much longer I can pull that off, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts!
  12. I'm another near-AARP age RM lover! They will have to pry my MAM out of my cold dead hands!!!
  13. Aww ladies! I'm 21 and i must say, RM makes great bags which are appealing to all ages! You can never be too old to still be in touch with fashion!

    I think it would be awesome if i ran into an older lady wearing an RM, and it would even be cooler if i ran into like a mother/daughter shopping and both wearing RM's! The good thing is her styles and colors range so much, there is always that perfect bag for someone!

    So- the point is, carry your bag, and carry it PROUD!
  14. You "older" ladies (not MY words :smile:) are really COOL!! :wlae::wlae:
  15. awww~ how cute! i got my mum into RM and reading this thread has made me feel so... PROUD of myself!!