Yes new spys for 2007

  1. Hello, I got this information yesterday their will be new spy's for 2007. The Information came from the Manager of Fendi in Selfridges. They have a meeting at the end of November where they are introduced to all the new Fendi bags, she told me their are going to be new spy's she does not know the colours yet but after the meeting she said she would ring me and let me know:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: I have just bought a Cognac from her so think she will ring.

    Now if I can just find a really good green one will make my year.
  2. Congrats on your new Cognac spy and thanx for the info. With all these NEW Spys, with any luck, some of the older ones will go on sale!:graucho:
  3. Wouldn't that be nice!!! :nuts:
  4. Congrats on your Cognac. Great choice!:smile:
    and can't wait for the new SPIES:yahoo: