YES, my perfect bag does exist!!

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  1. Since joining TPF almost a year ago, I've had many bags come and go, looking for the perfect one for me... got pretty close a few times!! I have 4 bags right now that I love to bits, but this one is my HG :yahoo:

    ~ it's slouchy
    ~ beautiful silver hardware
    ~ gorgeous purple lining
    ~ not too heavy
    ~ doesn't slip!!
    ~ just the right size for an everyday bag
    ~ soft full grain leather
    ~ goes with everything

    And here she is... my new MFF medium black Zoe with silver hardware. The leather is a lot thinner than my large chocolate boutique Zoe, but I love that about it... it makes it so squishy & slouchy, and lighter!! The silver hardware also opens up a whole new world of keyfobs to match. I added an extra dogleash clip to make the strap a bit longer and it is now purse PERFECTION :party:

    The curse of purse-cursed is over!! I finally have my holy grail.


    The modelling pics sure don't do it justice, the silver hardware is so shiny and pretty! I was trying on clothes and had to try taking pics. lol


    Thanks for sharing my excitement, who knew my HG would end up being a MFF bag.
  2. Yay! Congrats on getting your HG. Enjoy!
  3. Very pretty. I love Zoe. Such a comfortable bag to carry and I don't have to baby her as much as some of my others. I love the extra zipper pocket inside. I assume the MFF bags have that also. Enjoy.
  4. Beautiful bag, I love the Zoe!
  5. This is the medium which didn't come with the extra pocket... although I'm not sure if the MFF large one did large chocolate has it though, it is handy
  6. Love the Zoe, so glad she's so perfect for you, congrats!
  7. So happy for you! Congrats on landing your HG! It's really pretty!
  8. Thanks ladies!! I feel like I can focus on other things for awhile now.. hence the clothes shopping ;)
  9. gorgeous!!!!
  10. So glad you found your HG! I love my Zoe, haven't stopped using her since I got her two weeks ago! Congratulations!!!
  11. :nuts:Congrats' purse-cursed, I love it and it looks Great on you.....I feel the Same about my MFF large Zoe and my black sig. med zoe.... My HG would be the Large in khaki/mahogony...The large mff does have the extra zip as well....Out of all of my bags, this is the Most comfy, functional,prettiest..bag I have Ever purchased, and I don't care that it happen's to be MFF!!!!Congrats, that bag was made for you!!!!I don't know about you but since I have my Zoe's, I could be ok with not buying another bag. (For along time at least,lol...):smile:
  12. LOVELY!! She looks great on you too!! :smile:
  13. Such a pretty bag! Congrats on finding your HG!
  14. Very nice! Congrats on your HG.
  15. Congrats I am loving the key fob!