Yes ~ Miracles Do Happen

  1. I got a call at 10AM from Susan, my SA @ Saks... she really is the best of the best! Totally rocked my day! sighing*** miracles do happen :graucho:

    She located the Ultimate Soft Bag for $1495...

    My previous post:

    Browsing on The Purse Blog, I FINALLY found the bag I want in black. I have a black chloe paddington thats too heavy for me to use daily. Now I've got my SA's locating this bag. I know there's a new bag called the Sambero (sp?). The leather texture is different and the PRICE by $1G. I guess it wasn't meant to be but MAYBE a miracle can happen... sighing*** i'm just drooling over the softness of this leather

  2. Wow, congrats with your stunning bag:yahoo:
    Will you be getting it soon?
  3. OMG congratulations!! It's so awesome that both you and ada726 were able to get such rare and elusive bags. Congrats again!!! :yahoo:
  4. I can pick it up tomorrow but I'm going to wait until Thursday for the Saks EGC Event.
  5. I LOVE that bag. Makes me want one even more! Enjoy.
  6. I passed on this bag for another one, and I am now so sorry for now getting it. This is such a beautiful bag.

  7. I really love the soft leather and the strap... i'm lucky my SA was able to get one for me.
  8. i have always loved this gorgeous bag...i am so glad you got it in black because now the softness of the leather won't matter, durability-wise. It looks far more expensive than its reasonable (for Chanel!) price and is an edgey classic..........will always be in style......congrats!
  9. Yea! congrats on your new bag (what a great SA to track it down for you!) enjoy it, it's a beauty! :yahoo:
  10. Lucky you! Congrats!
  11. Cuda-CONGRATS!! I know what it's like to really want a bag. Enjoy your miracle....
  12. See, all it takes is a good SA and ta-da, miracle! :smile:

  13. Congrats, I was looking for that bag and gave up last month.
  14. That's SO exciting!!!! :yahoo:

  15. congratulations--that is so exciting! I am so happy for you!! My quest for my very own ultimate soft continues--but now I have hope. :search::happydance: