Yes Mamma?

  1. So I THINK I've pretty much decided that I want to go through with this trade but I still want a little input from you lovely ladies :tup:

    I have a Cammo Olive Mamma Mia and I proposed a trade with a Cammo Olive Mamma (I know a lot of you already saw it ;))

    Anywhoo. I reaaaaaaaally want the Mamma it's just the doubling of sides kind of put a little damper on it :yes: I know there are people that would buy it so I'm still pretty sure I want to trade but I just wanted your ladies opinions since Mammas don't come around very often

    pluuuuus my bf kind of made me wonder when he said... "do you think it's cute because you like the placement or do you think it's cute just because it's a mamma?"

    Here's pics...
    cmm1.jpg cmm2.jpg cmm3.jpg cmm4.jpg
  2. jen, i think it's cute cause of all of the above! the placement, the size, and definately because it's a mamma! I say go for the trade all the way. you're right, they're hard to come by...

    double sides = double latte.. i like it! =)
  3. This may sound dumb but I have no idea what a Mamma is.. lol.. Is it smaller then a Mamma Mia?
  4. hee smaller than a stellina! it's the baby bear of mamma mias and bvs!
  5. go for the trade :biggrin: if u ever have remorse, you'll easily be able to find someone to trade with u :smile:
  6. Yeah, the Mamma is hard to come by but do you intend to use it or just keep it? Of course the MM is more practical and possibly have more storage space but if you are trading just because of its collectible value, then, I'd say GO for it!
  7. i say go for it!! everyone has mamma mia's but you hardly see mamma's!
  8. O:huh:o:huh:O!! The Mamma is smaller than the Mamma Mia?!!! I always thought it was a lil bigger. How cute!! You should definitely trade then. I love mini-me's.
  9. I have a mamma and use it pretty much everyday. You will not regret the trade. Go for it.:tup:
  10. I say GO FOR IT!! :tup:
  11. go for it tehlilone!!!!!! :graucho: i know youve been wanting one forever!!
  12. go for it! mamma is very hard to come by
  13. well you have to ask yourself with bag size is practical for you. ive never seen a mamma in person but id assume its super tiny because a mamma mia is already quite small in comparison to a BV. yip... thats my 2 cents
  14. So, you're getting it, right? Then if you already have a BV&MM, you need an Avventura and to take a pic with them all together like a happy family. :yes:
  15. i say get it too...what are u trading to get it? just curious. ;)