YES ma'am Chanel will be on sale June 9

  1. Chanel boutique will be start sale on JUNE 9
    May 30 SA can start pull the merchandises for you.
    It wasn't official yet what will be on sale.
    Pre-sale will be June 7

    Happy Shopping, and I will keep you update.
  2. BTW
    Dior is pre sale now, pretty much everything from s/s will be 40% off.
    Gucci is also pre sale now for 40% off, many good selections.
    YSL pre-sale will be next week.
  3. I have to call Dubai and see when they have their sale:yes: Anyone who knows?!?
  4. are you in the US?
  5. will this sale also be in Canada Chanel stores?
  6. anyone know whats going on sale?
  7. I just received an invitation from Chanel for a private sale June 7th! I'm SOOOOOO there! Can't wait..
  8. Will this sale be bigger than the Saks sale?? :blink:
  9. Singapore too?
  10. Do you know which lines are going to be on sale? Maybe the luxury line :P Yeah right! Thanks for the info!
  11. Koga Chanel in Dubai NEVER has sales :sad:
    Its annoying.....U guys are lucky to have discounts on some bags :sad:
  12. All I have to say is that Toronto CHANEL boutique inside Holts was PACKED with all the latest bags, sunnies, wallets, shoes, etc. I asked the SA why is their store stacked with merchandise and most of the US stores are sold out and he said they got in extra pieces for the grand opening of the boutique. It was SO HARD to walk out of the store with just a pair of shoes!!!:cry:
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