yes...its here!!!!

  1. here she is........a 2005 tan paddy bought off eBay for £250!
    shes in fab condition to! and so much betterin real life!
    just when i thought i was going off the paddys i am now in love again and she is the most beautiful paddy i have ever seen.:heart::heart:
    i have added lots of pictures for you all to have a good old look





  2. what do you think ladies?

    a few more pictures:tup:





  3. Congratulations.
  4. Fantastic - i totally feel your joy!:graucho:
    She's lovely - congrats!:tup::heart:
  5. So beautiful! And such a bargain! Very lucky :smile:
  6. Congrats! sucha bargin you got there!!!
  7. CONGRATULATIONS :drool: What a fantastic price :tup:
  8. It looks like my baby only a little smaller! Congrats on your new arrival. Is the price in the US about double the pound?
  9. :woohoo: CONGRATS!!! The leather looks TDF!!!
  10. Congrats! What a great purchase!
  11. i paid £250 which i think would work out about $500:tup:
  12. the leather is the best i have seen yet! compared to my mousse its 10times better! the leather difference amazing!
  13. thanks ladies
    im sooo happy with it!
  14. Omg it is beautiful, paddys are always gorgeous but nothing beats 2005 leather! She seems so perfect, I love the smooshy pebbled leather in it:love: Congrats & enjoy!
  15. yes now i know why everyone said you will love the leather on it!!:heart:
    do you know what other colours were out in 2005?:confused1: