yes...its here, my new paddy...but...

  1. hi ladies

    i just got my new paddington in dark brown today, however im a little bit disappointed and need some of you help.

    first of all i got it off eBay and only paid £200 for it so please bear this in mind before i continue.

    i was under the impression it was the choco paddington however on closer inspection it does not look the same as some of yours!
    the bag is missing the dustbag, which is not a big deal i know.
    the bag smells terrible (smoke i think) im not a smoker so maybe i can smell it more!
    the bags metal ware is peeling to revel a silvery appearence in some places
    the brass metal ware is slightly different colour to my 05 tan paddy, more bronzey colour
    and the serial number reads
    now can you please confirm the colour?
    i know i can prob pick up a dust bag off eBay for it?
    what can i do about the smell?
    is the peeling a big deal?
    does the brass ware differ in colour fom year to year?
    and is this serial number correct?

    i know i have a bargin but considering the bag was listed as....

    there was no mention about no dustbag or the wear!:tdown:
    anyway here some pictures, let me know what you think...





  2. a few more pics and one with my tan paddy and argent purse!


  3. Hi, if you check the reference library on paddingtons, first page check Audrey's choco 06 paddington. Does this help?:heart:pixie
  4. thanks pixie,very helpful!
    i had a look and i think(think) its the 06chocolate????
    def not the 05 chocolate seeing as it has a 06 serial number, but it could (could) be the 06 brun???
  5. Congratulations your new bag!! xx
  6. thanks luva pug!x
  7. Hi, at first glance, the bag seems to be OK, I think hardware colour varies, too, the only thing that concerns me is the leather, which looks rather smooth and uniform... What does the leather feel like compared to your tan paddy? Actually for authentification I would post this to the Authenticate thread, there are many experts who can help! Probably you would need more pics, the heatstamp inside and the buckles... The keyhole is placed right, I hope? As for the smell... I don't know, if that would fade if you have your bag in fresh air for some time...[​IMG]
    Oh, the colour does look like choc rather than brun...
  8. thanks briggitte0810,
    the bag is definately authentic (handles are right, padlock all ok and heatstamps all ok), the leather is slightly different from my 05 tan, however this has been heavily loved by its previous owner and me! so is extra smooshy, and the 05s always had better leather on them for some reason,i had a paddy before that had the same texture leather and it is soft and not uniform so that is not the concern, im sure with some use it will start to smoosh up like the tan!:tup:
    im hoping the smell will fade with use??:confused1:
    i think your right and its the 06 choco:yes:
  9. Well, then congrats on a great deal![​IMG]
  10. thankyou very much x
  11. I have been researching bag care and I came across a great website called "Loving My" with products designed to help cure most of our bag ills - including getting rid of odors. They also provide a famous service to bring a bag back to life. I'm sure this company has been mentioned before but it was great to go to the website. I found a product at my local grocery store - CHEAP - that took care of my used bag's odor problem - it is called "Willert One Drop". Just one drop of the green liquid took care of eliminating the musty smell. I didn't apply it directly but put the drop on a little piece of paper towel. I have had no problems since.

    Good luck with whatever happens!
  12. ok thanks divnanata, ill see if i can find something similar!
    its horrrible getting a bag that smells so bad!
  13. Congrats onyour new bag, what a fab price! I had the 06 choc in mini and the hardware does have a bronze colour to it, my 07 muscade is the same. I think this bronze hardware does peel badly though (I sent the mini back as it was peeling after 2 weeks!), but for that price I wouldn't mind if all the hardware was silver!!!
  14. It looks like an 06 chocolat.

    For the smell I would recommend soap and a stain remover for the inside lining (pull it out so it doesnt touch the rest of the bag), and I would treat all the leather with a good leather conditioner like Apple. Also, put some dryer sheets in the bag when storing, after airing it out.

    Once you have done all that hopefully you will see what a bargain you have! I have the same bag and paid almost three times what you did! Congrats!
  15. Congrats on the new bag!!!
    For the smell, Try putting dryer sheets inside the bag and place it in a box for a few days, I have found that useful on one of my bags before.