Yes im showing off

  1. I started the beverly club, but no-one's looking at my thread practically... so had to show off my bday pressie my boyfriend got for me... I LOVE HER TO PIECES! I can't be the only one to admire her...

  2. It's gorgeous, does it have a strap also?
  3. Yes it came with a strap, which is so handy when you want to wear it as a day bag :biggrin:
  4. Congrats .. looks fab as does your pomme inclusion;)
  5. Congratulations :smile:
  6. ooooooooooooooooh! I have checked out that thread repeatedly!!! AND I LOVE YOUR BEVERLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Cute!

  8. Beautiful clutch. LVoe your Pomme Bracelet too and how it matches your outfit. Very cute!
  9. looking great :graucho:

    btw, that scarf in your sig is absolutely TDF which one is it? That colour is just gorgeous
  10. Congrats & H-bday! Beverly clutch is adorable!:love:
  11. Cute!:nuts: The monogram goes well with the red dress. I also can't stop staring at the inclusion. It looks bigger in your hands than I remember it irl :confused1:
  12. Aaaw.... gorgeous!
  13. she is beautiful!
  14. Lovely clutch and love the Inclusion bracelet :heart:
  15. It's gorgeous!! Congrats and happy birthday!!