yes, i'm miss indecisive and confused again...


black city 04 or grenat work 06

  1. black city '04

  2. grenat work '06

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  1. i get a chance to own one of these beauty...

    which one?
    a black city 04 with unbelieveably soft and slouchy leather?
    or b grenat work 06 that's still pristine?

    and if u girls still questioned, i'm still :drool: for the cute panda butt wallet :drool: that's why i only can pick one.
  2. wow, those are both sooooooooooo pretty sea :love:...usually, i'd say to go for the black city, but since you love big bags, i'd go for the work...i've got the same exact bag & the color is TDF!!!
  3. Hands down the black city!!!!!!!!!! Yummy leather!!!!!!!!!
  4. i do LOVE big bags and usually will go for this work too, but seeing the pretty and leather on this 04 i kinda hesitated picking the work :p
  5. can't you get BOTH, seahorse? afterall, they ARE diff styles AND diff colors:p they're both too gorgeous to pass up;)
  6. BooYah, i sooo wanted to get both :drool:
    but i have to let go one of my other b bags for this... :crybaby:
  7. LOVE the grenat but think the 04 black city is too yummy to pass up....
  8. black city... but i love the work too... *_* but i picked black city!
  9. sorry, girl, but i'm of no help;) thank heavens it's not me making the decision....i'd rather stick pointy thingies in my eyes than choose over these 2 lovely babies:shame:
    good luck, my dear!!!!
  10. Another vote for the black city - that leather is just too gorgeous!!!
  11. OMG seahrose... :wtf: it's a hard decision, I fear :sad: - I also would suggest to get both :yes: .... but if you really only can get one :s .... I'd vote for the '04 black city - I think that this one (in this great condition!) is harder to find in future ;) !!
    Good luck with your decision :flowers:
  12. the black city- the leather looks AMAZING!:love:
  13. more drooling pics from the black city '04, i keep holding these 2 babies and tried them on in front of mirror... luckily there's no one home or they'll think i'm nuts :roflmfao:


    see how soft this leather is? it's sooo different from any of my b bags before, it's def. softer than my 02s which i think is more pebbly. this one is more "flat" and "full"
  14. ^^ you're torturing me!! It's soooo beautiful!!:love: :love: :love:
  15. i'd say to get the black city. since it's rare and you might not have the chance again in the near future. the work is still kind of new, so chances are higher.