YES! im getting my first Hermes bag for Christmas!

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  1. i know it sounds silly and your probably thinking " how old are you?" well im 14 and it will be my first hermes birkin bag. i am getting the pink peacock one or the black peacock one with the biamonte encrusted padlock!. i am soo excited because it will add to my extensive collection of juicy, balenciaga, thomas wylde and chanel! off and i also might be getting a Fendi spy bag (the pirates of the carribian one) do you think it is okay that i am getting one at my age?
  2. oops sorry i put carribian in stead of caribbean! my bad.:heart:
  3. Well, hey, whatever floats your boat. I'm certain you have a true appreciation of what it all means, being a member of tPF and all. Women of any age don't always get what they want, and here you are starting at 14! It can only get better for you! :smile:
  4. wow what a lucky girl....

  5. I think its terrific...congrats!!!!!

    Pls post pics once you receive it so we can dool!!!!
  6. Stay in school, study hard, go to college, and get a very good job so that you will always be able to feed your addiction, and not have to depend on the kindness of strangers (rather, mom, dad, future love etc.)! I hear when you get addicted as early as you (and congratulations on such good taste at such a dear age), it is very hard to kick the habit. Not that one would want to! Congratulations, only 98 days until Christmas!
  7. That's great, Tcandy!

    I agree, it doesn't matter what age you are enjoying handbags, just make sure other areas of your life are in check. I agree with debe, stay in school and go to college, etc.
  8. BTW, what does your mom carry?

    Just curious!
  9. wish i had your parents/friends/boyfriend?
  10. I'm sorry but I'm lost. What is the pink peacock one? And the biamonte encrusted padlock?
  11. I'm lost too- pirates of the carribean spy bag? But congratulations if you love them!
  12. WOW! That is one craaazy-awesome Christmas present! Congrats to you for knowing your bags. And hope you enjoy your bags when you get them!
  13. I'm still dying to know what a pink peacock birkin is.
  14. Do you think she meant ostrich?
  15. Maybe . . . but that still doesn't explain what biamonte is. :confused1:
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