Yes I'm crazy! Which color SB should I get? What else for my collection?

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  1. Ok, maybe not crazy, considering this is tPF. I REALLY want a Sexbomb - I LOVE the style of the bag, and since the RS and VVGG are hobo/bucket type bags, I thought this would be a good addition to the collection (so I guess there's a good reason I missed out on a tPFers Grape French Nanny).

    So, what color Sexbomb should I get? I've narrowed it down to Grape and Blueberry. Or would something else be better?

    I'm also considering adding a Minilisa too - do you think this would work with the collection or would be overkill? Should I go for something like a French Nanny or Boogie Bucket?

    In the last few days, here's what I've bought:
    Black Ready Steady
    Pom Postage Tramp
    Pom Three Fer
    Tango Red Vixen Van Go Go
    Black Chicklet
  2. I say go for the grape. It is such a great color and a great alternative to black. The grape looks great with silver hardware too. Welcome to the Tano love :smile:
  3. Hmmmmmmmmmm I don't know... I think the sexbomb and minilisa look good in pretty much every color because they are monochrome! Blueberry minilisas are on sale on MHB for $164!

    As for the sexbomb... I like it best in black but really, you can't go wrong with any color!
  4. I love my grape boogie. I goes with everything and is my everyday bag. My pom Postage Tramp should be here on Monday.

    Wow! You have really supported Tano in the last few days with your purchases! Congratulations!
  5. Yeah, I'm leaning toward the grape SB, especially with the blue Minilisas still on sale at MHB. I'm finally using my XMas money from my parents - I usually end up spending on my son or stuff for the house, but they insisted I shop for myself this time.... and I have!
  6. Ok, I went with the grape Sexbomb and blueberry Minilisa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. yayyyyyyyyyy
  8. A blueberry Minilisa for $164!!!!! Now, that is one sweeeeeet deal!!
  9. I KNOW!!! The MHB sale is incredible - I've gotten really fabulous deals this week, and customer service rocks!!
  10. Yay, Tori!!! You are amassing a really terrific collection! :tup:
  11. Thank you! For once I put my Christmas money to good use - I usually buy stuff for my son or the house.
  12. Great choices Tori!