Yes I will sell my bags! But only if I get to buy these!!!

  1. I have finally reached a decision!

    My guy and I have agreed that I will sell my bags now with the exception of the mono speedy since it's the only bag I use anymore! I'm also allowed to buy the pomme agenda and azur agenda if I can EVER find them!:sad:

    When things settle more with the finances (mid-summer to late summer) I can start over with new bags:yahoo:

    It makes sense I guess because we are about to buy 2 new cars so this will really help. We also have a HUGE family and all the birthday's are coming up. Also, we will be traveling to Florida and Las Vegas before the end of the year. Without my paycheck we really need that bag money!

    I'll be keeping my spirits up by starting my wishlist for when I can shop again. First on the list is the Cherry Blossom pap! :heart:

    I'm going to stop now because nobody wants to read a novel on here!

    Thanks for lettin me update ya'll! See you on the boards! :flowers:
  2. No worries. Before you know it, you'll be shopping like crazy again. Looks like you got a full plate right now. I feel ya on the b-days tho:wacko: .
  3. hey, drop us a fat pm when you get to florida!
  4. lol...if you can get my butt off the beach! :graucho:
    We're going to Sanibel Island so nothing but relaxing!

    Anyone know where the nearest LV is down there??:p
  5. It sounds like a wise decision, what bags will you be getting rid of?
  6. Hi, so nice to see someone elso who has to be sensible...I hope you find the items you are looking for right now. I am allowing myself only one sensible bag before retail therapy is over for quite a while. Well...we will learn to value more what we have, I guess:idea:
  7. There are other priorities in life before LV. Wise decision when the ends is the means of getting new LV! :graucho: Are you still getting the MC Speedy on your birthday?
  8. LOL I had forgotten about that! I think that I won't bring it up to my guy until the time comes but oh yes..I will be getting my mc speedy!:wlae:

    Ya'll are right about priorities! I just went to go drive somewhere and my car is just acting weird so I decided no go. I've put so much money into it that I am done trying to repair and going to buy a new one. My guy also wants a new one so wow, financial overload!

    It's so scary to think about all the bills but I know we'll make it through!
  9. family does come before purse shopping. do whats right for the need of your family. New bags come out all the time, you can restart your purse collection in the future. congrats on your soon to be new cars,,,thats so very exciting.
  10. i think thats cool! you get to use a bunch of nice bags, then get a good amount of money back, buy 2 new cars, and start all over!
  11. well said. starting over is always nice. it feels good for a fresh start. good luck and have fun travelling!!!
  12. Sounds like you are planning very smartly and there will always be LVs in the future for ya.....:yes:
  13. Good plan but I want to know how you're going to sell? Is it eBay or on tpf?
  14. good plan!! good luck!!!!

  15. Well said!