Yes...I got my Framboise Cles!!

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  1. hi everyone!

    thanks for helping me out this morning and for all your comments in choosing a new cles...well, I did it and got the Vernis Cles in Framboise at the SF LV this afternoon and boy is she a beauty. :tender: She is so pretty I honestly don't know how to begin using her. I'm scared to attach keys or even put her on my speedy for fear of scratching the hardware. :shame: I think I'll just admire her for a few days before I put her to use. I really loved the look of the Perle against the Damier canvas of my speedy, but I did not want to have to be so diligent with it and worry about color transfer and yellow discoloration over the years....:sad: she is!! I'd like to add that I also put my name down for a Damier Azur Speedy 25 coming out Nov 1st!! My SA also assured me that the colors are a bluish-gray with cream as opposed to white..but I'm sure many of you already know that!! thanks for looking and thanks for all your help!:wlae:

  2. Congrats, it looks great ! :biggrin:
  3. congrats, she looks great! i myself am thinking of one, possibly the perfo cles. :yes:
  4. The color is TDF, congrats!
  5. :love: congrats on the Framboise Cles!!! she's a beauty!!!! :yahoo:
  6. awww, she's a beauty. I was looking at cles today but didn't get any coz I couldn't decide on the color:sad:
  7. Congrats!!!:yahoo: It's such a beautiful colour:tender:
  8. yay! I love it, been using my framboise agenda in my damier papillon, it's a lot of fun!!
  9. Congratulations:smile: . I have the same cles, and all I've ever done with it is admire it and attach it to bags:P . It's just such a yummy color, I don't want anything to happen to it. I hope you'll be braver than I am and really use it:yes: .
  10. I love it. Congratulations!!
  11.'s pop !!!
  12. Beautiful!! Love the color!! I want to buy a cles so I can attach it to my Speedy.
  13. ayla, helenNZ, Smith- thanks so much!!

    mileena- thanks! and if you're thinking about getting the perfo cles, I say go for it! I tried the green and the orange today attached to my speedy and I thought it looked great, I was considering gettting one of those!

    icechick, Lee69- thanks! I love the color to, framboise/fushia is actually my fav color so it was perfect!

    chanelvgirl- I know what you mean...if only I could have alll the colors!! they are all so pretty!

    Lola24- thanks for your help...I think damier and framboise go great together!...I still want the small agenda in framboise just like you to use as a wallet!!

    northernbelle33- I hope I can be brave and put her to good use!!!

    bagsnbags- yup! it def gives it a pop of color!!

    Jenn83- I think you should get a cles too!!

    :heart: :heart: thanks again everyone!! :heart: :heart:
  14. That is a hot color! I love it!
  15. thank you! elongreach!
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