YES!!!!I dug a little 06 Lilac CP out of the GeorgeV Boutique.

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  1. I saw so many cute CPs that made me drool on this forum but didn't know which color to get. So many lovely colors and not enough money to buy them all!:lol: i decided to look for an older color. I called Paris' George V boutique one day to ask what they have in their stock and they told me that there was a 06 Lilac CP left. i was thrilled and ran there to get it!!!
    And here it is, my cutie in a 06 color!!! The leather is distressed and yummy!!!:yahoo::yahoo::love:

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  2. That is one gorgeous CP!! Love it!!
  3. the color is sooo pretty! :heart:
  4. What a find! It's so cute!
  5. Congrats! I also got my lilac cp from George V, last July! They have some old stock that's really yummy. I also remember a lilac mu, don't know if it's there yet!
  6. congrats!! The colour is TDF!

  7. Congrats, what a great find!!! :love: :tup:

    Do you know whether they have '08 turquoise money wallets too? I'm looking for one? :shame:
  8. congrats on such a find!
  9. Beautiful color! :heart:
  10. oh how adorable! congratulations!
  11. yes south, they do have 08 turquoise money wallet and MU, and money wallet bouton d'or as well. At the printemps haussmann shop, they've got a 08 turquoise mini wallet (the one with mirror and a zip compartment) so cute.:love:
  12. ahh its cute! congrats!
  13. thanks CoutureObsessed, RoseMary, Helenc, danae, lovely64, south of france, glossie, binky, bellini, godsavechanel, it's a pleasure to share my joy with you ladies.
  14. they've got one lilac CP left at the george V shop when i bought mine. :smile:
    they do have some hidden oldies there. i saw a while ago an Olive MU!!! I didn't buy it i still ask myself why!!!:crybaby: i haven't seen a lilac MU in all the MU they showed me. but they still have a Lilac shoulder.:love:
    but i already have my sandstone shoulder.
  15. some extra shots of my accessories. i love b accessories so much, even if they are expensive and two accessories are almost at the same price as a day bag.

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