Yes! I convinced my boyfriend

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  1. to buy me something LV! He thinks I have a spending problem, so although it's something small, it's a big deal for me! :yahoo:He tried to get it yesterday but the boutique was closed! I will get it today and post pics!
  2. Congrat's.
  3. Woohoo!! Do let us know what he gets you, along with many many pics :P
  4. Congrats jellybebe! I can't wait to see pics! You have such a sweet bf ;)

    I had to convince mine to get me LV too lol. Silly bfs. HOw I wish they're like the others DHs here that'd join tpf to get suggestions on LV for the wives! I'll just have to wait and hope that'll happen one day!
  5. ^But yours drove down to Seattle to get a bag for you. That's pretty sweet!
  6. hehe, what'd ya get??
  7. I'll post pics when I physically have it! Not too long now!
  8. True that... :yes:. But that boy is sure hard to convince! He still can't believe he spent $700 cdn on a bag! ON A BAG. Haha.

    Is your bf getting the thing today? I'm excited! I should be studying but noooo Im checking back here every few minutes lol.
  9. Can't wait to see your new goodies!!! :nuts:

    You have such a nice bf!
  10. you go girl! can't wait to see pics!!!
  11. congrats!!!
  12. It will be something very small! I will post pics for sure, in a few hours! However, my birthday is next month... :graucho:
  13. You're so cute! It won't be for a few more hours. What are you studying? Do you go to UBC?
  14. ^ Yup I go to UBC. I'm taking a 3 credits course in 3 weeks as an elective for pharmacy. So it's super intense... well for me that is... O and it's foods and nutrition course.
  15. Ooh and I love your avatar! I have a buni too, maybe I'll take a pic of her with my bag too haha.
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