Yes, I am nutz: I have a Work w/shoulder strap!

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  1. Well,

    My obsessive quest for a Work with a shoulder strap has finally reached a conclusion ... except that now I want another one!!! I bought a Pale Pink Work in rather poor condition from eBay and sent it to Artbag to have it repaired. Chris (of Artbag) had some similarly-colored leather, and said he would repair the piping by replacing it. When I heard about the similarly colored leather, I asked if he could add a strap. Long story short: he agreed.

    The color of the leather is a good match color-wise & top-notch quality, but of course it's nothing like the distressed Balenciaga leather...there is an obvious difference when you look closely. The good color match helps to hide that difference, though.

    My next plan is to ask him to add the shoulder-strap attachments to my Blue India Work using the perfectly-matching leather from the shoulderpad of my Blue India Part Time. Then I can simply use the Part Time strap on my Work whenever I need to. I am also going to ask him to try to more nearly duplicate the way the shoulder strap attachments are on the Part Time. One of the problems is that he does not have the studs that Balenciaga uses. He does, however, have flat brass studs, so maybe that will be a good enough approximation. I will have to think long and hard about doing this, though...because the BI Work is pristine and I have a lot harder time doing it to a perfect bag.

    Here are a few photos. Please note that the photos of me were taken by my 9yo daughter, who is much shorter than me ... therefore the bag looks larger than it looks from a normal perspective. It really looks pretty similar to the way the Part Time looks when worn w/shoulder strap. I am tall & big, but I think I may have gone overboard in the strap length I requested. I thought it was better go too long than too short. ;)


    Finally...I want to ask...why won't Balenciaga do this? As you can see, it "works" just fine. ;) I know some prefer the "clean" look of the Work w/o a shoulder strap, ya can't please everyone.
  2. Very cool! :tup: With the longer strap, you can even wear it messenger-style.
  3. FIATFLUX: no you didn't!!!! Girl, you are too much! :nuts:

    OT: is that my old faded pink Work??? If so, Artbag has done a bang up job on her! :yes:
  4. Yep ... I am wearing it messenger style in the middle photo... ;)

    LoL...esiders...yeah I did! I don't think it's yours ... but I guess ya never know ... was one of the front corners really badly torn up?
  5. it looks brilliant!!! gorgeous and a great idea, too:tup:
  6. No...mine was in really good condition, but faded pretty badly.
  7. Then it can't be the same one ... I think the person I bought it from was the original owner. This one is also very discolored (yellowed)... you can't see that in the photos. Actually my original plan was to have Artbag dye it black ... but then I found out the bad news that Artbag will no longer do that on Balenciagas. I am considering sending it to Lovinmybags to try to restore the pale pink color, but I'm not sure I want to sink any more money into this bag.
  8. wonderful idea! i love the work but don't think i can get one if it doesn't come with the strap. i NEED a strap! :P

  9. I feel the same way, bu i love the size of the work
  10. OMG! I can't believe you did it. You are too cute! It looks awesome. :smile:
  11. I am so impressed!!! What a great idea and it looks absolutely wonderful!!!! You rock!!!!
  12. You're so cute! I love this idea; I like to see people customise their Bbags...
  13. Gosh! How excellent that Artbag was able to do that for you. Congratulations!!!

    Hmmm...gotta get a Work and think about getting a strap on it... fiat, the length of the strap, I think, is perfect! You're able to wear it handy is that?!
  14. I had to come in and look....

    Well, I do remember you saying something about wanting this strap in a previous post. A woman on mission you were. lol I think your pics looks great! So glad you did it and now it's the way you want it to be.
  15. Great Idea!The Work is a big bag,it could be very usefull to have this shoulder strap when it's too heavy.
    But,I've a question,you've taken the risk to ruin your bag:wasn't you affraid?
    The result is :tup::yahoo: