YES!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY got my Damier Speedy 30!!!

  1. My fiancee took me to Scottsdale Fashion Square LV tonight and bought me my Damier Speedy 30--an early birthday present!!!

    You ladies are soooo right-- IT IS GORGEOUS!!!

    We are waiting for Nip/Tuck to come on right now, so tomorrow night I will post pics!!!!!:yahoo:

    Thanks again to all of you who helped me make my decision about the bag!!!:wlae: :nuts: :heart:

  2. Congrats Nicole!!!:yahoo: Can't wait to see the pics and isn't your fiance wonderful:love:
  3. LOL Thanks Lee it took alot of training!!

    JK he is so sweet:smile:
  4. YAY! :yahoo:

    congrats! and early HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :party: :heart:
  5. Hay Caramba:yahoo: I am so glad for you, I want the same bag in the new Azur line, I will check tomorrow for you pictures.
  6. Congratulations, such a gorgeous bag!:love:
  7. Congratulations!!
  8. Congrats!!!
    Wait to see your pic with gorgeous bag tomorrow!
  9. Congratulations! :yahoo:

    Can't wait to see the pics! :drinkup:
  10. Gongratulations!!
  11. Yayyy! Congratulations, fellow virgo, it's a beautiful bag! I also have the Damier Speedy on my bday list, but i have to wait until saturday to see what I get.:wlae:
  12. The Snorks-- LOL I have a confession to is an EARLY birthday present!! My real bday is not until Oct. 4...I am a Libra!!

    LOL :smile:
  13. congrats and happy brithday! wish my bf would get me something =)
  14. :nuts: :yes: A stunner...what a terrific choice!! I luv luv the Damier!!!! I luv my 25 and I baby it the most out of all my bags b/c its so cute!!!

  15. Congrats, you're sooo lucky! :smile:
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