YES!!!Finally founded MY holy grail find 06' Bordeaux Reissue!!!

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  1. Yes ladies after many, many months of pain, sleepless nights of wondering will I ever find/touch this hard to find, does any human (besides a few fellow tPF'ers) own this bag?!!

    .....I have founded it and my search is OVER! brand new with tags (is this a dream or what? Chanel heaven:yahoo:) 06' Bordeaux Reissue/ size 226!!!, it was purchased a few weeks ago BUT I was out on vacation, kids starting school...etc... so I have just finally was able to take pictures of it also a picture with my triples!!!:party:, I am beyond happy, could it be possible???, I say yes not give up hope on your dream bag.:smile:
    ccred1.JPG ccred2.JPG ccred3.JPG ccgroup1.JPG
  2. Wow you lucky gal! How did you get hold of it? eBay?

    It's beautiful. I love the triplets!
  3. I love that bag! I love the color, and I like the 226 size the best. I didn;t think these bags were even around anymore (retail wise). Lucky girl! :tup:
  4. Congrats on your beautiful bordeaux reissue! I'm on the hunt myself as well :heart: I love your triplets especially the grey and bordeaux :drool:
  5. Stunning! Congrats on getting your HG!
  6. congrats on your holy grail! best thing comes to those who wait? she is a beauty!
  7. OMG!!!!!!! I am slobbering right now looking at your collection! what kind of shoes do you plan on wearing with the beautiful red?
  8. OMG, it’s stunningly gorgeous, and the 226 size is my favorite!!! :heart: :drool: Congrats on finding your HG, yay!!! :yahoo: I really hope (but shouldn’t!), that the dark red s/s ’08 reissue is as beautiful as the Bordeaux!! :nuts: Enjoy your new baby, and I LOVE your reissue trio!! :tup: :heart:
  9. it's beautiful! I'm so glad that you found your HGB!! :rochard:
  10. It's a BEAUTY!!! Where in the world were you able to find her? Congratulations on your Holy Grail and wear it in good health!!!!!
  11. :heart:So stunning! I can see why this was your HG. it's really so gorgeous!!!
  12. Wow, what a gorgeous red! Congrats!:tup:
  13. Love this color!
  14. Great purchase!
  15. OMG. I hate you!! LOL

    Just kidding. Congrats. Its gorgeous. Perhaps someday I will find a day.......someday

    Enjoy your bag!