Yes, Dear

  1. Anybody watch this show? I love how different parenting styles both couples have. Greg and Kim just want everything to be perfect, while Jimmy and Christine are more down to earth.

    I love how both couples seem to learn lessons from each other.

    Christine: [explaining to the babysitter] Ok, this baby monitor will let you keep track of Dominic from the house. Now, if he begins to cry, press this button to turn it off.

    Logan: Why do we have to take a bath? We're not dirty.
    Christine: Logan, in the last hour I've seen you stick your finger up three different nostrils.

    Christine: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Did you guys clean up your toys in there?
    Dominic: No.
    Christine: Well, go back in there and pick 'em up. You want your mom to trip on a Power Ranger again and break her other ankle?
    Logan: No, we're sorry.
    Kim: Christine, you broke your ankle trying on slutty shoes at the mall.
    Christine: Shh! Knowing their mom's a clumsy tramp isn't going to keep their room clean for the next six to eight weeks.

    Christine: Jimmy, I can't believe you got Dominic a mullet.
    Jimmy: Why? It's an acceptable haircut. Everybody in our hometown has a mullet.
    Christine: Jimmy, people in our hometown even give their dogs mullets. This isn't back home, this is LA.
    Greg: Uh, Dominic; you want to go out back and play catch with me?
    Dominic: Sure!
    [Runs out]
    Jimmy: Why'd you do that?
    Greg: Well, I didn't think he should hear you two arguing over his haircut. It might break his heart; his 'Achy Breaky Heart'
    [Runs from room with Jimmy chasing him]

  2. I loved that show. Wasn't it cancelled though? I think it came on the same night either before or after King of Queens. I loved that one guy..I forget his name...Mike O'Malley maybe? He was the one who hosted Guts and Get the Picture on Nickelodeon in the 90s.
  3. I'm pretty sure it was cancelled. I watch the reruns on TBS.

    Yeah, it is Mike O'Malley (the guy who played Jimmy) who hosted Guts and Get the Picture.

    Anthony Clark (the guy who played Greg) was in Boston Common. (That was the one where the main character moves to Boston from Virginia to spy on his sister, who's just starting college. Then he somehow gets a job working on the student union and hilarity ensues.)