Yes...another whiskey Edith

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  1. My Edith FINALLY arrived today, and I love, love, love it! There is a strange black mark on the handle, so I had to call Ron Herman and then e-mail them pics. They want me to send the bag back so they can send it to Chloe, and I was like "NO WAY--do you know how long I have waited for this bag???" So I sent them pics of the handle and asked them to get back to me with info on how to remove the mark (maybe they will give me a discount). The size is fabulous, and the color is exactly what I was expecting/hoping it would be. Here are some pics...

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  2. I'm so glad you love it!! I'm still waiting..........
  3. Congrats!! Thanks for posting the pics. That black mark is totally unacceptable and I hope they either discount the bag or let you keep it until they ship you a new one.
  4. Oh WOW those pics look gorgeous! :nuts: Too bad about the mark but I understand the angst of letting it go - a discount is def in order! Can't wait 'til Wednesday for me :biggrin:

    (Someone mentioned the front pocket has BOTH buckle and magnetic closure - is that true??)
  5. Congrats ET! It looks great- how does the leather feel? They better give you a discount for that mark on the handle, totally unacceptable! I am still waiting for mine-supposed to get it sometime this week or next! I hope you enjoy it!!! And the ink city too!
  6. ^ That was me, and it's true! Congrats on finally getting it!
  7. Congrats, ET! It is such a thrill to find a new love! Hope you are able to resolve the dark mark issue quickly. So now, what does this mean regarding the blanc pocket, ink b-bag, and/or spy???
  8. Congratulations ET! I'm loving the edith more and more!
  9. The ink b-bag is on the way, the blanc pocket is on the Marketplace, and I have not decided about the Spy yet...that will depend on whether the pocket sells! Also in the market for a new or used dolma green b-bag (City) if you know of anyone who has one. :smile:

    Thanks all! I knew I would love this one! There are some odd marks on the front leather, someone used the bag as a "writing surface" under a piece of paper and pen. I know it is supposed to be distressed, and it will get better with use, but it seems weird. I hope they will give me a discount. I might be able to get the black mark off, but I don't know what it might do to the leather. Since it's the handle it's not SUCH a big deal, since it will darken with use anyway.

    The color is better than in the photos. A rich reddish-brown, like a chestnut of reddish cognac color. Not brown like it looks on the model. Oh, and I definitely don't think it can be worn on the shoulder in case anyone was wondering about that.
  10. Congrats ET!!! Glad you love it! After hearing several stories where ppl were less than thrilled with it, this is a refreshing change! I'm loving the rich colour. Sorry about the marks, hope they will discount the price for you.
  11. Congrats, ET. Thanks very much for the photos. The bag (minus the black streak which I hope you get a discount for) looks fabulous. I have got to find myself an Edith. Enjoy.
  12. Congrats ET! It looks great. As for the black marks on the handle and leather, perhaps take it to a professional leather cleaner and also ask RH for a discount on the bag. I have used Appleguard Leather Care to remove marks from my tan Paddington when it arrived. It's a gentle conditioner/cleaner that won't change the color of the leather. If you trust yourself with the project, it might work. sells it.
  13. PS - How can RH miss that black mark?!
  14. Thanks Roey! The mark has a "feel" to it, like they removed a sticker or something and it left a black residue, but it doesn't move or scratch off (well, I have only tried VERY carefully). I may order the Appleguard cleaner and give that a try! Does that protect the leather, as well? Or is that a separate product?
  15. omg i had the same thing on my handle but against the blackish background I though it was the leather peeling. I applied appleguard rain/stain to keep the area 'soft' and a few days later it came off :nuts: Imagine my relief. Glad you enjoy the bag, I'm jealous of all you ladies getting new goodies

    oh as far as the AG cleaner - it can be harsh (depending on the leather). the conditioner is better and does clean to a certain extent