Yes another.. "I HATE PAYPAL, I HATE PAYPAL!" Rant =(

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  1. I am going to cry... :crybaby:

    Paypal, I hate you!

    I opened a new account and had a couple of sales. I knew I shouldn't have sold so many things and had payments coming so quickly. So of course, they froze my account. :cursing:

    I couldn't just let it go. I had over $1700.00 in the account because they reversed one of my withdrawals. So I just got an e-mail today, after jumping through hoops for them trying to get this cleared up. I mean I had to:

    - Set credit check address
    - Provide my SS#
    - Fax them EVERYTHING and a statment saying that things sold were my personal items.

    I mean I did everything!!

    And then.. I just got the e-mail saying my limited access appeal was DENIED!! :tdown:

    I am crying and so freaked out!! The only way I can get this money out is to send a refund to someone. Or else wait 180 days and probably get stuck with NOTHING. Luckily I sold one of my items to someone I know that I can probably trust, but I am so worried... I wish this all would just end.

    Thanks everyone for listening to my rant!
  2. Oh I am so sorry this is happening to you! *hugs*
    Don't be upset - think strategy! - contact that person that you know and see if they would agree to help you. I really hope things will work out!
  3. ^ Thanks! I mean, I had to fax them a copy of my pay stub, and a copy of my DL!!
  4. What a nightmare, hope you get it sorted soon!
  5. OMG. This is just one more reason why PayPal is from the DEVIL!!! I am SO SORRY for you! Hang in there!
  6. Pay pal has a 1-800 # where you can get a live person to help you!
  7. I tried to call, and I was on hold for like 15 mins. I don't have time for that... this is so dumb, I swear. They are lucky that they are the #1 known name for online payment.
  8. They were better before ebay took over. Sorry that has happened to you.
  9. Paypal is a piece of cr_p. Sorry didnt know if I could say that word. Arggg. I am so sorry.
  10. Paypal = :devil: They really are scaring me out of using them anymore. Hope it gets cleared up soon!
  11. I'd suggest you give them a call. It is worth to wait in line so you can talk to a real person to get the problem solved quicker. Don't give up.
  12. I am sorry this happened to you. I sold things in the past, sometimes, big ticket items, back to back, and never had this happen to me. I'm surprised to hear they're treating account holders like this. Honestly, you should call their 800 number and speak to a live person. If the st*pid cust svc rep could not help, ask for a manager. Don't settle for the BS they'll give you.
  13. that's a lot of money!!!
    i'm sure had you known about the hassle u wouldn't have used it they should have given you a warning or something before they did it

    are you allowed to spend the money?
    can you get a family member to open an account and you send the money to them then they try and withdraw it?
  14. I am sorry to hear this is happening to you. I hope this gets resolved soon. What Paypal is doing to you is unfair. :cursing:
  15. It makes ZERO sense... you can receive money, but you can't send or close your account when it's frozen. I feel a lot better now. I got to speak with the person I refunded to, and now we're working it out. =) Thank you so much ladies! I feel like everyone is family here and you all are a great help! :yes: