Yes, another exciting Graphite reveal!

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  1. Thanks for all the lovely comments!
    Yes had some great comments on the bag, and for the first time ever I think, I want winter to come sooner so I can use this bag in its correct season. Feel like I should still be using something summery. Though in England were not having much of a summer.

    Modelling pics as per request...Sorry not to have got these up sooner but had to get to bed early for work. The pics aren't great as their self portraits, but you get the idea...

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  2. You look hot with your Tadao! Congratulations!

  3. the tadao looks fab on you.....congrats!
  4. congrats
  5. LOVE it! Looks great!
  6. congrats John :tup:
  7. Congrats!
  8. Congrats:tup:
  9. congrats! :smile: woo hoo!
  10. Congrats!
  11. Great action pics! Congrats again.
  12. Thanks, and been meaning to say for ages, loving the blog!
  13. I love this bag:tup:
  14. Congrats!!