Yes another Carly Question

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  1. Ok, I think I am taking the plunge and buying a Carly. I have it narrowed down to either Large Khaki/Black Sig. or regular Carly in Dark Denim Leather.

    I just wanted peoples opinion about the signature. I have heard the corners wear badly and start to fray(?) I also noticed on the Coach website the leather and the signature are different measurements. (lg. signature and lg. leather as well as regular Carly in both signature and leather).

    I prefer leather but wanted something casual and have always loved the contrast of the khaki/black. I am worried that the large leather Carly would be too heavy.I am thinking if I got the leather Carly I should get the Regular Carly, then I worry will it be too small.

    Just asking for everyones advice, I have been debating with myself and getting "NO" where.

    Thanks for your help!!!:heart:
  2. I have a regular Carly in signature Khaki/Black, and I absolutely love it. The large was just way too big for me. I take mine everywhere with me, and have had it for about 3 months now. No issues with corners and fraying.
  3. I have found that my large signature carly is heavier then my regular leather carly.
  4. I have a regular signature Carly that I love, but have been thinking of maybe getting the dark denim leather one.
  5. I think you should go with the khaki/black in medium size!
  6. I just can't fathom having the bag fray and having to give it up. I have my medium choc sig which I love but if I ever get another one, it will be a large leather one.
  7. I vote for the medium denim carly. What do you usually carry around in your purses? Maybe we can tell you if what you normally carry around will fit in the medium.
  8. Hmmm...well here's all of the info I have. I have the Large Choco Sig Carly and have have worn it a lot when I first got it. There are no signs of fraying. I also have a Large Khaki/Turq Carly, and there aren't any fraying issues with that one either, but I haven't worn that one nearly as much. So while I haven't had any fraying issues, I know others have. I guess it's just a chance you have to take with all siggie bags w/ sharp corners. And Coach seems to have excellent cust. service, so I think you would be okay in getting a siggie Carly if you chose to, as you would be taken care of if something were to happen.

    With that said, I just recently purchased a Large all Leather Choco Carly and it is TDF! The leather is amazing, and it holds it's shape really well. So for what it's worth, both styles are amazing, you just have to decide which you like better--leather or siggie.

    Good luck choosing!
  9. I've been using my khaki/turquoise Carly almost non-stop since March & have absolutely no signs of fraying *knock on wood* LOL

    You can't go wrong either way, both bags are beautiful. Good luck :tup:
  10. oh definatly large khaki/black. my khaki/bronze one frayed but i loved her sooooooo much and i wish i got another one but they told me they didnt have any bronze ones left. i thought that was one of the most comfortable bags i had, sometimes i did lose things in there but i jammed as much as i could in there. an there is a plus to the fraying, once it happens you get a new bag lol
  11. I've had a regular signature carly from April and I've been using it at least 4 days a week. Its pretty strong and durable. And it can fit alot! I think the large will be too big.
  12. I just recently got the regular carly in dark denim leather and LOVE it.....its fits everything that I could fit it my other bag (RM MAM) and I dont find it small at all......It feels like nothings on my shouldre b/c to me its that light....and I really think the denim color could pretty much go from casual to dressy (Ive been taking it to work with me)......I cant say enough about this bag....

    What I carry around in her:
    Coach leather writslet
    Mini Skinny
    Marc Jacob turnlock wallet
    Estee lauder make up case
    small novel
    Wet Ones
    Mini Lint remover
    hand cream
    purse mirror
    card case
    Danier coin purse
  13. I have a med khaki black. I love the contrast, the brass hardware w/the color combo makes the bag look classy imo. This is by far my favorite of all Carlys. I wish i would have bought the large, the med. does not hold all my usual stuff (just the essentials) and you can't stuff this bag full or it doesn't look/wear right IMO. I have had no problems w/fraying, but then again i do not use this bag everyday. If you are able, you should go to a boutique and try on both sizes to see wich is right for you. Good luck deciding!
  14. I have the Large Khaki/Chocolate Sig Carly and LOVE it! I have never had problems w/the corners or the bag fraying at all... I've had my Carly for about 6 months now, and its also really easy to clean (using the sig cleaner)... it fits a lot and has a GREAT slouch to it... one that you can't really get as much if you get the medium size... IMHO, Good Luck deciding! :tup:
  15. I have had the medium and the large.. at one point I thought the large was huge but no longer think so. I love the large because it has a sexy slouch that the Carly should :graucho: And yes you can fill her up but you don't HAVE to... also the siggy is HOT and looks great imo.. I like Carly in leather but she just doesn't "do it for me" if you know what I mean. :P I have the khaki/black and LOVE it to death because it looks great and it matches EVERYTHING. :tup: