Yes another Bluefly update!

  1. Peter called me this afternoon after I left countless messages for Leslie (she must be too chicken to call me back). Anyway, Peter just wanted me to know that he credited my account. I asked about what they where doing about the fake bags and he said that he does not know; that he is not in the "loop" (yea right). So I checked my Bluefly acct, only to find out that they DID NOT refund my shipping. :rant:

    I called them back and of course, they were unavailable. So I called customer service and spoke with a supervisor. I explained the situation, and he had the nerve to say that Bluefly only sells authentic handbags. This makes me think that they are still not going to accept responsibility for fakes. I was so mad but I remained calm as I threw out words such as BBB, class auction lawsuit, illegal activity, etc. The supervisor said he would start working on this for me.

    I know the s/h between the two returns is $20, but still I deserve back every penny. How is everyone's else doing with their returns?
  2. Oh Becca, thanks for the update. This is total crap. Big companies think they can do whatever they feel like. I know at least that i will never buy from them again.
  3. omg i'm so sick to death of bluefly and their inability and unwillingness to accept responsibility for their fake bags. So sorry about all this and hope you get your s/h refunded, as well as some validation of this problem! GEEZ!
  4. Man ... are they STUPID (Bluefly that is!). They might as well just close up shop ... how the heck do they expect to continue to operate when all this negative 'press' is floating around? In addition to all the postings on the Internet, word-of-mouth is a very powerful marketing tool ... I've told EVERYONE about this debacle and I can say assuredly that none of my friends will be shopping on Bluefly!
  5. :censor: :rant: :mad:
  6. I googled "Bluefly fake Balenciaga" and this was the first page that popped up on the results, the second was a BBB Rip Off Report! Yay im glad that the word about Bluefly's fake Balenciaga's is spreading! They are going DOWN! BLUEFLY SUCKS!:rant::censor:
  7. :censor:
  8. Out of the loop, my @ss. I think they are being quiet because they are scrambling to trace their supply chain and do damage control!!! Good work girl, you're like me. Mr Roo calls me a 'bird dog' because once I get mad about an issue with principals, I will not give up!
  9. Just an idea...but in the Handbags forum a week or so ago, someone posted a link to an article about fake bags (here's the thread: ) and it mentioned a private investigator who specializes in tracking down retailers who sell fake bags online. Do you think that if someone contacted this investigator about what's going on with Bluefly that he would be able to point out resources or help Balenciaga take a more active interest?
  10. Becca, I am still waiting for my refund of the bag, I have left messages for Leslie Nelson and nobody has called me back. (This after writing, faxing and emailing)
    I am so glad we are able to share information on this forum. Bluefly is going down.
  11. yup i am never going to buy from bluefly ever again.
  12. Do not give up!! I will call Leslie and bug the :censor: out of her daily until she acknowledges me.

    What made me so mad is that whenever I speak with anyone, they always make me feel like it is only ME dealing with this fake problem when I know that there are many others contacting them as well.
  13. yes it's only $20 but i i agree.. it should be YOUR $20. fight it all the way!!
  14. This is total bullcrap! Bluefly is ridiculous... I will never. ever. ever. buy from them again.
  15. You guys should totally think about a class-action suit if the company is noncompliant.... O_O
    I'm sure you could find a lawyer in your own area that would help