Yep, Im Beyond obsessed! Buying anothe Balenciaga, You are picking the color: POLL

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Your choice will be my next purchase this week!!

  1. Ink City

  2. Cornflower City

  3. 05' Indigo City

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Im Doing it!!! Another City B-bag!!:nuts: This time it will be the shade of blue you choose. I will post pics as soon as I get the color I cant decide on. What do you like best?:suspiciou
  2. they're all beautiful colors but the cornflower is gorgeous.....
  3. without a doubt, indigo - in my opinion!
  4. I know there are lots of new ink owners out there. Would someone mind sending me a pic. of their ink?
  5. Here you go, ranskimmie.

    I love my ink bag too. I think the white is my favorite still though.

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  6. OMG!! That is hot hot!!:nuts: Wow! The ink is really looking goooood:biggrin: Do you think you will get the white too. I love mine.
  7. Uhm... :shame: I got the white one a while back, so I have both the white and the ink. I couldn't part with either one, but right now, especially with the warming weather, my white is my favorite bag right now.
  8. oooh very cool! I'll let ya know which one I pick in the real near future. Thanks for your input and picture;)
  9. rans...I voted for the indigo even though I own cornflower! It might be tough to find a new indigo city. I always have my eyes peeled for the indigo because I think it was such a special color. That being said, you can't go wrong with any of the three choices...they are all gorgeous!
  10. I may be selling my brand new cornflower if I win the apple green mini b-bag auction. PM me if you are interested. It is the bag pictured. <------ I love it but it is a little too wide for me; it feels like I am carrying a briefcase.
  11. I voted indigo too. I feel like it is the prettiest blue they've ever come out w/.

    Wow, at this moment the voting is so close! It's like Bush v. Gore all over again :biggrin: Good luck w/ your choice, ranskimmie. Although they are all great, since they are all B-bags!
  12. Hi I pmd ya':biggrin:
  13. If you can get your hands on an indigo, I would get that! Otherwise, the ink.
  14. I LOVE the cornflower. I have a City in cornflower. It's a great shade of blue that can be used in all four seasons. I think the ink is more of a winter/fall color.
  15. I vote for ink. Unless you know someone who is selling her indigo, it is going to be hard to find. There is a chance one could show up on eBay, but this color does not appear there very often. If one does appear, I would expect it to go for a pretty penny. So if you want to purchase a bag now, I would definitely go with the ink.