Yep, I caved...

  1. I think I might have made it a month, but I wanted to make it through the month of April... I could still reverse my decision, but don't think I will...

    I just want the subtly simple Sonatine for my first mono... and, due to good tax return and insurance payout, am gonna get it! It will also be a great travelling bag, since it will lie flat in luggage, and then you can actually air travel with bigger bags, like Noe:heart:

    So, back on ban...:graucho:
  2. Well i guess its worth caving for, seems like youve thought about it in great detail!
  3. well done on going for the month...but If its calling you...then needs must :graucho: :graucho:
  4. Yep! I took a poll quite a while back, seems like forever... and, I think it's a go. I wanna piecea mono!
  5. I ADORE my Sonatine...its a great evening bag, and as you said super easy to will love it!!!
  6. Oh thanks Sunshine! So simple and elegant! I couldn't wait for a trip to the boutique at the end of May to try on, it's like I know what I want.... I've never had any LV regrets to date....:heart:
  7. I love the Sonatine!! great choice vee ... and it's not TOOO expensive to be breaking the ban for.
  8. Thanks anotherempty... I agree, just a little something to hold me over till amarante breaks...:yes:
  9. a couple friends have the sonatine and i think it's so elegant but functional! you'd look great with one i think. i'll enable you. ;)
  10. You're so sweet Nakolulu; I have a really big tattoo of a koi on my back... love your tattoo!:heart:
  11. Great choice.
  12. ^^ thanks sweetie!
  13. congrats to you- I'm happy you got such a great bag.
  14. Great choice, go for it!
  15. O! The Sonatine is SO cute! Great choice for your first mono!