YEOWW! Putting a new meaning to the "Morning After" Looking Tow Up from da Flow Up!

  1. For those who didnt dabble in Ebonics when you were a teenager (like my wanna-bee self did)


    (In normative/western language terms) Tore up from the floor up


    Looking/Acting like a completely busted, unkempt, hot mess.

    My Thoughts:

    Is this that Cavallari chick? Im not sure, but when I saw this old pic of her with the Morning After bag in her hand, looking the way she does, I kind of snorted at my computer screen.

    I hope I'm never caught looking like that with my MA! Speaking of her (Cavallari chick) MA bag, I cant tell if it is white or a light pink. It is very pretty, I think. However, its a tad bit too much in conjunction with her light pink sweatshirt!
  2. britney-spears_001%20(medium).jpg
  3. Blah!!! Is there a reason for this!?!?! These chicks look *censored* up!
  4. LOL! :roflmfao: I know! (RE: looking jacked up)

    I'm not sure if you are asking me if there is a reason for my post? Or asking if there is a reason they look so jacked up?

    If it was the former, I thought it was funny because the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After was designed to accommodate a woman's needs from day to night and as well, the morning after.

    If by chance, a tryst with a cute guy was on the menu for the night, a woman could pack up all her necessities in the MA (like makeup, a light change of clothes, a pair of sandals maybe, ect..) and come out in the morning looking decent and not having to do the "walk of shame" that basically entails sneaking out in the morning, hoping no one sees you because your makeup is smeared all over your face, your clothes are rumpled, and everyone knows what you did last night.

    Kind of like how everyone knows what Kristin did the night before that picture was taken. As you can see, she is in the midst of the "walk of shame" as she departs from the hotel room. LOL
  5. GUNG, you crack me up! I didn't know a pink MA even existed.

    Re: the pic of Britney....lord, there are things you just can't unsee. Pass the eyebleach, please.
  6. Good grief....I hate to see what she is going to look like when she hits 30....:push:
  7. Gah I hope I'm never caught looking like either of them full stop. Who said Britney was a bad role model? I mean she's really taught me how I should never, ever walk out of the house without my dignity.

    This better not be the next hot trend or something... looking greasy and unkempt. Homeless is the new black, y'all!
  8. Hilarious!
  9. LOL that was funny! Oh and I think the MA color Kristin has is "Pearl." Looks like such a pretty color in the pic : )
  10. Heh, at least she's carrying a cute bag for her Walk of Shame!
  11. I don't understand why wanna-be celebs who secretly crave the media go out on public barefoot in pajamas like K. Cavallari. And the fact that she's carrying a nice bag makes it even worse.
  12. Well we're talking about her right now... I just it's for the publicity? There isn't much to talk about when a celeb has no talent and is dressed normally all the time.
  13. GUNG, you're hillarious!!!! Where are her shoes!? Yes she does look whupped on that picture. Not a good look at all...
  14. Lawd, that was Britney?!? I thought that was Joan Rivers until I enlarged the pic.

    And YUCK! Even if you have to run out for bathroom tissue you should always put shoes on.
  15. That is some funny stuff.